Annual Performance Review

The Annual Performance Review (APR) is intended to facilitate the review of an individual's contributions as a faculty member at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and our clinical partner UMass Memorial Health Care, Inc. With the goal of achieving the mission of national distinction in health sciences education, research and service, faculty are evaluated by a Department Chair or his/her designee on activities over the past year and are requested to document intended contributions for next year. The report includes a spectrum of possible activities and therefore some components may not be relevant to your review.


The form is color coded to reflect who is responsible for completing each section or question:

Department/Division Administration




The form should be completed electronically and processed through the following steps:

  1. The department is responsible for completing Section I and Section VI, parts B, C and D. The department will provide each faculty member with an electronic copy of their APR.
  2. The faculty member is responsible for completing Sections II through X before forwarding the report to their evaluator.
  3. Where appropriate, the evaluator designee completes Section XI and forwards to the faculty member for their comment.
  4. Faculty member completes Section XII and forwards the report to the Department Chair.
  5. Department Chair completes Section XIII and forwards completed report to the Office of Faculty Affairs (University Campus, S2-337) and other appropriate distributions.