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UMass Medical School
55 Lake Avenue North
Worcester, MA 01655
508-856-3797 (fax)
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Facts and Figures

How We Rank

  UMass Medical students participating in rounds at UMass Memorial Medical Center.

UMass Medical School is consistently ranked in the top ten percent of the nation’s 129 medical schools for excellence in primary care education by weekly news magazine U.S.News & World Report in its annual review “America’s Best Graduate Schools.”

Beyond its core mission of distinction in medical education, the past decade has seen UMMS explode onto the national scene as a major center for research. The institution also ranks near the top among public medical schools in the Northeast in the amount of funding awarded by the National Institutes of Health. Federal and private research grants and contracts at UMMS rose from about $2 million in 1977 to more than $244 million in FY 2014, making it one of the fastest-growing research institutions in the U.S. 


 Women pipetting in a basic research lab at Umass Medical School.  

2014 Facts & Figures

FY’14 Funding and Revenue

State appropriation -- $44.6 million
State contracts*-- $35.9 million
Public Service-- $448.4 million
Research -- $215.1 million
Sales and Services** -- $83.8 million
Other Revenue -- $109.9 million
Total $937.7 million

*Provide mental health and pediatric services for those who cannot afford private care.
**Examples include MassBiologics and New England Newborn Screening Program.


  Students in caps and gowns at Commencement 2014 at UMass Medical School

Number of Faculty (Including Voluntary Faculty)

  • 305 Basic science full- and part-time faculty
  • 2,584 Clinical full- and part-time faculty
  • 177 Nursing faculty

School of Medicine

  • 481 MD Students
  • 27 MD/PhD Students
  • 3,785 Alumni

Graduate School of Biomedical Sciences

  • 315 PhD students
  • 47 MD/PhD students
  • 16 Clinical & Population Health Research students
  • 5 Master of Science in Clinical Investigation students
  • 663 Alumni

Graduate School of Nursing

  • 41 MS students
  • 85 GEP students
  • 27 PhD students
  • 22 DNP students
  • 1081 Alumni

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