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The media relations staff is here to help promote public recognition of the achievements of faculty, staff and students. We will work with you to identify newsworthy events and publications, determine the best way to release the story and draw on an extensive list of media contacts to distribute the information. We also serve media writers and editors by introducing them to expert resources and interesting story ideas. Our services include:

  • Press releases: These official reports give reporters complete information about research, events and other important news involving UMass Medical School. The office distributes releases electronically to reporters and wire services.
  • Experts list: We help reporters every day as they search for experts to interview for their news stories. We also monitor headline news and proactively provide information to reporters about our faculty and campus scholars who can speak about the day's hot topics.
    Currently, we are working to build an online database of experts. If you have expertise to share with the public through the news media, especially if it's about a topic in the news, please contact us at or 508-856-2000.
  • Op-ed pieces: We can also provide editing and placement assistance to faculty interested in writing opinion articles.

If you think you might have a publication, event or story that could be newsworthy, we’d like to know about it. Please contact at us 508-856-2000 or Guidelines for determining what is newsworthy can be found on our What is News page.

Top Stories

Predicting outcomes after trauma to the brain

Predicting outcomes after trauma to the brain

UMass Medical School researchers helped to develop a new tool that may predict a person’s chance of survival after a gunshot wound or other penetrating brain injury. Susanne Muehlschlegel, MD, MPH, is lead author on the study published online in the journal Neurology.

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