Diversity is inherent in University of Massachusetts Medical School’s mission to advance the health and well-being of the people of the Commonwealth and the world through pioneering education, research and health care delivery. As an institution, we are preparing tomorrow’s physicians, nurses and scientists to serve and relate to a multicultural society by increasing representation of minorities and women in student, faculty and staff positions, improving the cultural competence of our workforce through diversity education, and building an inclusive culture where we learn from our differences.

Through consultation, regulation, education and collaboration, the Diversity & Inclusion Office (DIO) is a catalyst for an inclusive academic medical health sciences center comprised of a diverse faculty, staff and student body who possess the cultural competencies necessary to serve the people of the commonwealth and the world.

Diversity compels UMMS to lead in the development and implementation of innovative approaches to health sciences education, research and public service. Learn more.

Diversity Committees 
The Committee on Equal Opportunity & Diversity (CEOD) has nine committees that report through it to make recommendations for a civil, inclusive and just organization. Click here to learn more about the CEOD and the nine committees that report through the CEOD and its executive committee

Who We AreLearn more about Commonwealth Medicine’s (CWM) Cultural Diversity Committee:


Learn more how UMMS cultural competencies serve the people!






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