Faculty with Primary Responsibility for Resident Program

    • Ira K. Packer, Ph.D., ABPP       Director, Forensic Psychology Training;

                 Co-Director, Law and Psychiatry Program

  • Thomas Grisso, Ph.D., ABPP     Professor Emeritus
  • Al Grudzinskas, Jr., J.D.            Coordinator of Legal Studies
  • Paul Noroian, M.D.                    Director, Forensic Psychiatry Fellow Training
  • Gina Vincent, Ph.D.                   Director, Translational  Law & Psychiatry Research;

                                                                Co-Director, Law and Psychiatry Program


Clinical Supervisors:

  • Hanya Bluestone, Ph.D. (Worcester Court Clinic)
  • Charles Carroll, Ph.D. (Bridgewater State Hospital)
  • Jamie Krauss, Ph.D. (Bridgewater State Hospital)
  • Lauren Miller, Ph.D.  (Worcester Recovery Center and Hospital)
  • Denise Mumley, Ph.D. (Worcester Recovery Center and Hospital)
  • Joyce Perrotta, Ph.D.  (Lowell Court Clinic)
  • Helene Presskreischer, Psy.D. (West Roxbury Court Clinic)
  • Welli Yeh, Ph.D. (Springfield Court Clinic)


Other Faculty Associated with the Training Program

  • Natalie Anumba, Ph.D. (Worcester Recovery Center and Hospital)
    • Kenneth Appelbaum, M.D., Director of Correctional Mental Health Policy and Research, UMMS
    • Terrie Burda, Psy.D. (Worcester Recovery Center and Hospital)
    • Andrea Dinsmore, Psy.D. (Worcester Recovery Center and Hospital)
    • Charles Lidz, Ph.D., Research Professor, Systems and Psychosocial Advances  Research Center
      • Carla Lourenco, Psy.D., Assistant Professor, UMMS
      • Debra Pinals, M.D., Assistant Commissioner, Forensic Services, Department of Mental Health