BBS-822 Advanced Animal Virology

BBS 822 Advanced Animal Virology (2 or 3 Credits) Syllabus Fall 2015

Faculty: J. Fingeroth, T. Morrison, M. Esteves, C. Mueller, V. Litvak, M. Koziel, T. Kowalik, P. Clapham, M. Duenas-Decamp, H. Gottlinger, A. Brass (coordinator), E. Szomolanyi-Tsuda, K. Fitzgerald
Location: Tuesday, Thursday 2-3:00pm ASC 8 2072
Time Title   Attachments
Sept 8 EBV replication JF  
10 TBA    
15 EBV, the host response and EBV-associated cancer JF  
17 TBA    
22 Viral receptors and entry TM  
24 Influenza virus assembly and determinants of pathogenesis TM  
29 AAV gene therapy for genetic diseases ME  
10/1/2015 Molecular and immune biology of primate AAV CM  


6 CMV-omics model: transcriptomics gene expression TK  Stern-Ginossar Science 2012 Copy.pdf
8 Systems biology of host-virus interactions VL  Aviv Regev_Science_2009.pdf
13 CMV-omics model: viral genomics TK  
15 Viral Hepatitis MK  
20 CMV-omics model: proteomics TK  Michael Katze_Nature_2006.pdf
20 Systems virology insights into viral pathogenesis VL  
22 An introduction to retroviruses (lecture)  PC/MD  Review Lecture-2015-2.ppt
27 HIV receptors and tropis PC/MD  Advanvirol HIG Tropism-3ppt
29 HIV pathogenesis PC/MD  Advanvirol Pathogenesis-2.ppt
11/3/2015 RSV infection and vaccine development TM  Ngwuta Scienc Transl Med.pdf
5 Retroviral assembly HG  Garrus.pdf
7 Cellular Restriction Factors  HG  SERINC nature 15400.pdf
12  Cellular Restriction Factors HG  
17 Obstacles to HIV-1 eradication HG Noninduced proviruses in latent reservoir Cell 2013 .pdf
19 Innate immunity to viruses KF Stem-Loop Recognition by DDX17 Facilitates miRNA Processing and Antiviral Defense
24 Antibody responses to viruses EST Immunity-2015-Halliley-longlived hu PC.pdf
12/1/2015 Human polyomaviruses EST J Virol -2015-Berrios-857-62 Human PyV.pdf
3 Viral microRNAs affecting the host response EST J Virol -2015-Nukui-HHV6 miRs.pdf
8 Coronaviruses: MERS and SARS AB Depeptidyl peptidase 4 is a . . . Emerging Human Coronavurus
10 Filoviruses: Marburg and Ebola AB  Ebolavirus GP entry paper Simmons et al J Vir.pdf
15 Viral evasion of innate immunity KF Chen-NS34A-MAVS-PNAS-2005-Li-17717-22.pdf
1/5/2015 Student presentations faculty and students  
1/7/2015 Student presentations faculty and students  
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