BBS-821 Advanced Molecular & Cellular Immunology

Class # Date Topic/Class Description 2015 Instructor 2014 Paper
      BLOCK I: Innate Immunity    
      Block Director: Neal Silverman    
1 9/10/15 Th      Overview of Block & Invertebrate Immunity  Neal Silverman
Sara Cherry, Toll7 paper
2 9/15/15 T      TLRs and Microbial Recognition Egil Lien
TLR4/MD2/LPS structure
3 9/17/15 Th      Toll-like receptors I:Bridging versus Signaling Adapters Kate Fitzgerald

Crispr screen

4 9/22/15 T      Fungal Recognition & Signal Transduction Stu Levitz C-type lecttins and differntial Th1 responses
5 9/24/15 Th      The Inflammasome Egil Vishva LPS inflammasome Science Paper
6 9/29/15 T      AN OVERVIEW OF THE BLOCK/mouse genetics      [lecture] Rachel Gerstein AN OVERVIEW OF THE BLOCK
7 10/1/15 Th

     Intro to Research Proposal: Components of good proposals  Click below for PDF's


Joonsoo Kang  
10 10/13/15  

     Assignment in lieu of Quiz

Please find 3 hypothesis exercises in the Assignment PDF.

 Each student is assigned one of these exercises, as indicated below.

Each student should work alone.  This is an entirely open book assignment, but a significant amount of literature reading and research is not expected.  Instead, each of these scenarios aims to provide you experience in generating hypotheses and specific aims, and will hopefully get you thinking creatively.

 As I said in class today, there is no “right answer” that I am expecting.  Instead, the goal is to generate a testable and defendable hypothesis based on the provided preliminary data combined with your understanding of immunology, and 2 specific aims to test your hypothesis.  

Detailed subaims are not expected, but you should have in mind, in broad strokes, the experimental approaches and designs that you could use to address your proposed specific aims.

 Each student should come to class on Tuesday with 3 or 4 slides prepared:  

Slide 1.  State your hypothesis

Slide 2. Declare your 2 specific Aims and explain how they will address the hypothesis.

Slides 3, 4.  Indicate, perhaps with  diagrams, your experimental approaches.


 1.     Ankit

2.     Mona

3.     Jim

1.     Samantha

2.     Fran

3.     Mike

1.     Olivia

2.     Yu-Jun

 Each student will have 15 minutes to present and defend their hypothesis.  The class should last about 2 hours.

Neal,  Egil, Kate, Jun

Formulate a hypothesis based on material provided by instructors, and discuss in class.

Assignment PDF.

      BLOCK II: Adaptive immunity    
      Block Director:  Rachel Gerstein    
11 10/15/15  

Stem cells to lineage committed progenitors

Click on the paper below

 12 10/20/15        T cell development Eric Huseby
13 10/22/15  

Cell death in the immune system -

Francis Chan
14 10/27/15      Negative Selection Eric Huseby
15 10/29/15  


Control of pathogenic self-reactive T cells

Joonsoo Kang

Additional paper: CTLA-4  Kang

16 11/3/15        Presentation of student hypothesis    
17 11/5/15        QUIZ #1    
      Block III: Lymphocyte Network    
       Block Director: Robert Woodland    
18 11/10/15 T      Germinal Centers-  



19 11/12/15  Th      Generation of memory B cells  

 Papers for Nov 12:


     Induction of broadly neutralizing protective antibody:

Reading Assignment for Nov.17, 2015

  *A cautionary tale for your information will not be formally presented: Crowe. Science

 *Rational design of an anti-Stalk immunogen: Impagliazzo, et al: Science

 *Anti-influenza stalk antibodies review and conceptual issues: Krammer and Palese , Current Opinion in Virology

*Universal anti-Influenza vaccine


     Systems Biology approach to vaccine development

Reading Assignment for Nov 19, 2015

Anti-influenza vaccine II - Wang, et al: Cell

FC Review by Ravetch- Background paper

Fc receptor and Ig effector function review: Bruhns and Jonsson Immunological Reviews - (not used for class, but good source for the most current thinking).

For presentation, Improving “conventional” Influenza vaccines:  Wang, et al:  Cell


 Papers for Nov 19:



  11/24/15        Assymetric cell division in the germinal center  

 Papers for Nov 24:

  11/26/15  Th      Thanksgiving    
      Block Director:  Samuel Behar    

T cell exhaustion and immunodeficiency


Dec 1st paper:

  12/3/15   Vaccines and resident memory T cells  

 Dec 3rd paper:

  12/8/15     Tolerance to bacteria  

 Dec 8th paper:

   12/10/15    Cancer immunity  

 Dec 10th paper:

  12/15/15     Resolution of inflammation   

 Dec 15th paper:

           Director: Joonsoo Kang    
  1/7/2016 Th   
     Pre-presentation discussions with faculty advisors (optional)
   Oral defense of research proposal
   1/12/2016 T      Proposal Presentations Begin    
      Proposal topic selection by Oct 16 or earlier    
      Proposal  hypothesis discussion on Nov 6    
      Final proposal: DEC 20    
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