Blackboard Learn for Students

The University of Massachusetts System has chosen Blackboard Learn 9 (Bb Learn) as its Learning Management System. Blackboard Learn 9 offers modern technology that fosters active teaching and learning, and easy integration of all types of content.

You may log in to Bb Learn at


Once you have logged in, you will see the list of courses in which you are enrolled in the My Courses module, which is by default on the right side of the My Institution page.

My Courses module

UMMS Style Guide for Organization of Content

Based on feedback from our students and working with our faculty groups, the univeristy has created a Style Guide for the delivery of online content. As a result, most of the courses housed within Bb Learn present a consistent look and organization of content.

YouTube Videos:  Blackboard Learn for StudentsYouTube Videos:  Blackboard Learn for Students

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