2018 Winter Ball Steering Committee


Kate McEvoy

Beata and Michael O’Brien


Che Anderson

Christina Andreoli

Lawrence Army Jr.

Greg Byrne

Pamela Daly

Lisa D'Elia

Charlie Dunn

Eric Dunphy

Steve Gillis

Beverly and Bob Goodell

Anne Harvey

Sean T. Lordan

Andrew Parvey, CFP

Angela Polletta

R. Norman Peters, Esq.

Matthew Salmon

Kate Sharry

Tina Sullivan

Karyn and Mark Wagner


9th Annual Winter Ball

Past Committee Chairs

Jodi and David M. Brunelle
Paula and Eric Dunphy
Elizabeth and David S. Klein
Thomas D. Manning
Peter G. Paige, MD
R. Norman Peters, Esq.
Kimberly Malloy-Salmon and Matthew Salmon 
Dorothy and Michael P. Tsotsis