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Walking Challenge

 Walking Challenge

Come revel in the rivalry!
Join the Road Bowl Walking Challenge!

September 20 – November 12

Road Bowl Walking Challenge

The Road Bowl Walking Challenge is a competition between teams of around five people within UMass Chan over an eight-week period. During this time, UMass Chan employees will also compete against the other Colleges of the Worcester Consortium to see who can log the most steps and walk the farthest.

Here’s how it works:

Each person who signs up for a team will receive a pedometer to track their steps and a long-sleeved T-shirt (number available to each school will be based on a percentage of their employees). Participants can walk on their own or with colleagues during lunchtime or work breaks, and at home in the morning, evening or on weekends. They can walk inside or outside, on treadmills, on public tracks, or in malls—all walking is included. If they count their steps or know how far they’ve walked, it’s all part of the program. To sign-up the team captain must send an email to  Once your team is signed up, the Team Captain will recieve further instructions via email.


1) Teams can be any size, but keep in mind the winning team will be splitting the prize! Team steps will be averaged and based on a five-member team size.
2) Steps can be logged in by the team captain or individually at the Road Bowl Web which you will recieve via email.
3) For the intercollegiate competition, team steps will be averaged weekly to ensure fairness.
4) Prizes will be awarded and divided by the members of the winning team (both college against college and within your own college).
5) Each participant must accept the waiver of liability, found on the online registration page.
6) All individuals must register by September 15, 2010.
7) Please check with your physician before starting this or any exercise program.
8) Questions should be directed to your team captain or to
9) All activities count—wear your pedometer everywhere! At work and at home! Weekdays and weekends! You can use the “converter” tool on the Web site to include other activities—as long as these steps are counted only once!
10) Follow the Honor Code.




Q: How many people are on a team?
A: Teams should be around five people, with no maximum. Each team’s total steps taken will be averaged and “normalized” based on a team of five people.

Q: One of my team members has dropped out; can I add someone new in that spot?
A: If you lose a team member, you can add another one at any time (pedometers and T-shirts may or may not be available).

Q: Where do I wear my pedometer?
A: The best place to put your pedometer is at your waist, to the side, either on a waistband or a belt. Be sure to take the pedometer off first when using the rest room or getting changed. Pedometers have been known to fall off when taking clothing off!

Q: What do I do if I lose my pedometer?
A: Each person will receive one pedometer. Your college may have some extras, but when they run out, you will need to purchase your own to track your steps.

Q: I don’t have access to the Web site.
A: If you don’t have access to the Internet, work with your team captain to log in your steps.

Q: What if I use exercise equipment, can those steps count?
A: Yes, you can count the distance on any exercise equipment or other activities as listed on the Web site. If you wear your pedometer and let it track your steps (for a treadmill) then do not use the activity tracker. If your pedometer does not track steps during your activity (e.g. on a recumbent bike) then you can use the converter tool found directly under the box where you log in your steps. Choose your activity and put in the length of time you did the activity and it will automatically add your equivalent steps!

Q: What if I’m sick and can’t walk/exercise?
A: You simply won’t have steps to log on those days.

Q: What if my pedometer stops working?
A: You can check with to see if there are any additional pedometers. If there are no more pedometers you will have to purchase your own pedometer and track your steps on the new one.

Q: How do I sign up for my team?
A: Use the link given to you from your team captain to get to the Road Bowl Web site. Follow the log in steps there.