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Discounts and Reimbursements Offered Through

GIC Health Insurance Plans

Are you aware of all the great programs and discounts for fitness, physical activity, weight management, nutritional counseling and general wellness available through your GIC health insurance plan? Check out the chart below!

Fallon Direct Plan
Fallon Select Plan 

• Reimburses $200 per individual; $400 per family per year for almost any fitness activity


Harvard Pilgrim Independence Plan
Harvard Pilgrim Primary Choice Plan 


• Discounts at select fitness clubs in MA, ME and NH
• 15% off brand name athletic footwear at Marathon Sports and Northampton Running Company (MA), Runner’s Alley (NH) and Maine Running Company (ME); 20% off Appalachian Mountain Club membership; 23% off Boston Ski & Sports Club membership
• Weight Watchers-registration fee waived all at North America locations and more; to 35% off membership fees; Jenny Craig-free 30-day program, 25% off six-month program or 20% off one-year Premium Success program
• 25% off membership at for assistance in finding a caregiver for children, aging parents, your pets and even your home
• 18% off Quit Smart-smoking cessation program
• 15%-20% off community health education programs
• 10% off over-the-counter health products
• Save $300 on the purchase of a hot tub or spa at New England Spas
• 15% off mindfulness course at UMass Chan Medical School Stress Reduction Clinic
• 13%-83% off magazine subscriptions-more than 40 healthy reads available

Health New England Plan


• Reimburses $150 per family per year for fitness club memberships or aerobic and wellness classes and personal trainer fees or for Weight Watchers membership- combined max of $150
• For members with asthma, diabetes, cardiovascular disease and/or who are pregnant, will reimburse up to $50 to attend a smoking cessation program
• Discounts eligible through OptumHealth Care Solutions-a health and wellness company specializing in chiropractic and physical therapy management as well as acupuncture, massage therapy and nutritional counseling
• Living Well grocery store tours-learn how to read food labels, count carbohydrates, determine portion sizes, fat and cholesterol count-available at various locations throughout Western MA-virtual tour also available free of charge

NHP Care Plan


• Reimburses $150 per individual; $300 per family for gym/fitness club membership once per calendar year
• Free Weight Watchers registration 


Tufts Navigator Plan
Tufts Spirit Plan


• Reimburses $150 per family per year for gym/fitness club membership
• 20% savings when join a Tufts network fitness facility
• 60% savings on GlobalFit facility
• Save 50% when you join a participating New England Curves club
• Save 10% on personal training packages at Fitness Together and receive a free initial fitness evaluation
• Members 18 and younger pay no membership fee to enroll at participating Boys & Girls Clubs in MA and RI-these members also receive 20% discount on the cost of most programs
• As an alternative to annual memberships, you and family members can visit a fitness center in the Tufts network and pay a small copayment for each visit, up to 5 visits per month
• 25% off the cost of unlimited visits with a registered dietician or licensed nutritionist in our network
• Pay no joining fee for Weight Watchers program and receive a $10 discount on price of Weight Watchers Deluxe At Home Kit. Join Weight Watchers Online and receive a $10 discount
• Save $30 on introductory order of NutriSystem’s 28-day Favorites Package when you order through GlobalFit, part of our fitness network
• Save up to 40% on wide variety of vitamins, supplements and popular energy and protein bars through Standard shipping is also free for members
• Save 25% on acupuncture treatments and massage therapy
• Save up to 30% on wellness seminars and workshops at participating facilities-topics include smoking cessation, stress management, aging and parenting
• Learn about aromatherapy, homeopathic remedies, meditation, yoga and other natural remedies at and save 40% on purchases


Unicare State Indemnity Plan Basic with CIC
Unicare State Indemnity Plan Basic without CIC
Unicare State Indemnity Plan Community Choice
Unicare State Indemnity Plan Plus


• Up to 60% savings on GlobalFit fitness club memberships and 10% discount available at other fitness clubs
• Discounts available at Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers, NutriSystem, Lindora and Living Lean
• Discounts available on exercise equipment through GlobalFit
• Discounts available for coaching and programs for weight loss, smoking cessation, stress reduction and alcohol addiction
• Specific books available at discount through Barnes and Noble