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Islet Core

The Islet Core provides comprehensive in vivo, ex vivo, and in vitro analysis of pancreatic function and islet structure. The Core services enhance whole body metabolic characterization given the interrelatedness of insulin action and insulin secretion, while altered islet function and mass play an important role in the onset of diabetes phenotypes (hyperglycemia). The Core also bridges an important scientific gap caused by difficult accessibility of islets and paucity of islet material by offering sophisticated islet phenotyping tools and expertise. The Core phenotyping services include:

  • Mouse pancreas preparation for histological experiments
  • Surgical isolation of mouse islets
  • Measurement of b-cell mass, proliferation, and cell death
  • Islet structural analysis
  • Ex vivo islet functional analysis using perifusion system for insulin secretion and insulin content
  • In vitro molecular analysis using cultured islets
  • Structural and functional analysis of human islets in coordination with Humanized Mouse Cell Transplantation and Assessment Core.


    Dale L. Greiner, Ph.D.
    Professor of Molecular Medicine
    Co-Director of the Diabetes Center of Excellence
    Albert Sherman Center, 7th Floor, Suite 2051
    (508) 856-1911

     Dale Greiner


    University of Massachusetts Chan Medical School
    368 Plantation Street
    Albert Sherman Center, 9th Floor, Suite 1041
    Worcester, MA 01605