Tissue Culture Services

Prices effective 7-1-12

Thaw cells, plate into 1 x T-25 flask

$23 UMMS/$30 External Academic/$43 External

Routine cell line maintenance  (2 x T-25 flask)

$154 per month UMMS/$201 per month External Academic/$282 per month External

*cost of medium not included

Cell line expansion

Please call and ask for a quote.

Programmed cryopreservation of cell line

$27 UMMS/$36 External Academic/$51 External

Preparation of frozen cell stocks

1-10 vials ($35 UMMS/$46 External Academic/$64 External)

Cell storage in liquid nitrogen

Please note that we are changing to a quarterly billing system (every 3 months) for liquid nitrogen cell storage starting 7-1-12.  Prices for UMMS users will remain the same, but prices for external users will increase somewhat due to a change in university policy.

Prices effective 7-1-12

1-50 vials ($45 per quarter UMMS/$66 per quarter External Academic/$90 per quarter External)

51-100 vials ($75 per quarter UMMS/$108 per quarter External Academic/$153 per quarter External)

101-150 vials ($90 per quarter UMMS/$131 per quarter External Academic/$179 per quarter External)

For each additional 50 vial increment add ($15 per quarter UMMS/$23 per quarter External Academic/$26 per quarter External)

Purchase cell line (UMMS only)

$44 per vial

Monoclonal antibody production from hybridoma

Please call and ask for a quote, high density Cell-Max system available

Labor $50 per hour UMMS/$69 per hour External Academic/$92 per hour External

Mycoplasma test (Lonza MycoAlert Test*)

1 sample+ $90 UMMS/$132 External Academic/$182 External

Each additional sample add $25 UMMS/$36 External Academic/$51 External

*detects all common mycoplasma species

+ includes positive and negative controls

Cell transfection and stable clone selection*

$280 UMMS Transfection of 1 construct and isolation of 6 stably transfected clones (neo)

*Please call for a quote on multiple constructs, additional charge for slow growing cell lines