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The UMASS Tissue Culture Facility offers a variety of cell culture support services (see below) to all UMASS investigators. Outside investigators are also welcome, space and availability permitting. Please contact Louise Ohrn (508-856-3745, FAX 508-856-3602), the facility manager, for further information. The Tissue Culture Facility also offers a wide range of commercially prepared media (Invitrogen/GIBCO, MediaTech, Sigma) and sera to all UMASS investigators at discounted prices. Tissue culture media can either be conveniently ordered for next day delivery or picked-up for immediate use (commonly used media products only). The Tissue Culture Facility is located on the 1st floor of Biotech I in Room 141. Tissue culture supplies should be ordered by either FAX (508-856-3190) or email (tissueculture@umassmed.edu). Press the Order Forms link on the left hand side of this page for convenient down-loadable order forms.  Rachel Lamson (508-856-1745) is the contact person for all ordering questions.

Tissue culture services include but are not limited to:

  • Tissue and cell culture
  • Monoclonal antibodies production and purification
  • Hybridoma production (in collaboration with investigator)
  • Cell cloning (hybridoma and transfected cells)
  • Routine maintenance cell lines in monolayer and suspension culture
  • Cell production (monolayer, suspension and spinner culture)
  • Preparation of specialized media and buffers
  • Programmable cryopreservation of tissue or cell stocks for higher viability
  • Preparation and freezing of cell stocks
  • Centralized cell storage in liquid nitrogen
  • Primary culture (e.g. from skin biopsy, vascular endothelium, or other tissues, done in collaboration with investigator)
  • Mycoplasma testing

Media Center

The UMASS Media Center provides custom made microbiological media for bacterial, yeast, C. elegans, and Chlamydamonas research, including both liquid media and agar plates, to all UMASS investigators. The Media Center is located on the 1st floor of Biotech I in Room 143. Press the Order Forms link below for convenient down-loadable order forms. Please contact Louise Ohrn (508-856-3745, FAX 508-856-3602) for all custom media orders. Louise provided media support services to Worcester Foundation investigators for many years prior to becoming manager of the UMASS Tissue Culture Facility and Media Center.

Custom media order forms 


Tissue Culture and Enzyme Freezer Supply

Tissue Culture SupplyEnzyme Freezer Supply 

Brian Doucette (Enzyme Freezer Supply) Please email orders to enzymefreezer@umassmed.edu
Phone: 508-856-2541, FAX: 508-856-3190

Rachel Lamson (Tissue Culture Supply) Please email orders to tissueculture@umassmed.edu
Phone: 508-856-1745, FAX: 508-856-3190

Starting July 1, 2008, the Enzyme Freezer Program and Tissue Culture Supply Center will be united into a single supply center: TCEFS (Tissue Culture and Enzyme Freezer Supply).  You will now be able to order both tissue culture and molecular biology supplies in one stop for same or next day delivery.  TCEFS will also maintain the campus network of enzyme supply freezers and cabinets in the School, LRB, Biotech II and Biotech I, which contain an extensive inventory of commonly used enzymes, PCR and qPCR reagents, plasmid DNA and RNA purification kits, and other related products all at discount and with no shipping charges.  We are also your one stop ordering point for special orders for molecular biology and tissue culture supplies to New England Biolabs, Promega, Invitrogen, Roche, Qiagen, BioRad, Stratagene, MediaTech, Hyclone, Sigma, for next day delivery and we guarantee that you will save money compared to direct ordering.

To learn what is stocked in the supply freezers and cabinets on campus just click the products navigation button to the left.  What you need is likely just a few steps away, but if not, just email (enzymefreezer@umassmed.edu or tissueculture@umassmed.edu) your order and you'll have what you need the next day.  Questions?  Call TCEFS at 508-856-1745 (Tissue Culture Supply) or 508-856-2541 (Enzyme Freezer Supply).