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SWAP Shop Opens at South Street

If you like picking at yard sales, then you have to check out the new SWAP Shop at South Street in Shrewsbury.

The South Street SWAP Shop opened in December and is located in SS-13E497. It’s open during regular business/school hours and will operate on the honor system.

To see some of the items now available at the South Street SWAP Shop check out the shop’s new webpage:

“We’re off to a good start at South Street, and we hope more people will visit and use the room to exchange useful items,” said Suzanne Wood, sustainability and energy manager at UMass ChanSWAP stands for Surplus With A Purpose and is a program designed to divert material from the university waste stream. All UMass affiliated students, faculty and staff at South Street are encouraged to bring surplus office supplies, equipment, small furniture, or similar items that they can carry themselves to the SWAP Shop so others in the building can put the items to good use. When taking an item from the shop, people are asked to make note of it in the log book.

Large pieces of furniture or major capital items are not accepted. Those items can still be repurposed, but should be handled through the university’s asset moving policy. Home goods are not accepted at the SWAP Shop.

“It’s always an eclectic assortment, but some of the most popular items exchanged are office supplies, file organizers, binders, flex-folders, computer monitors, keyboards, ink and toner,” Wood said. “Basically, anything in useable condition from people’s offices, if they can carry it, we’ll take it; and chances are someone else can use it.”