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Lab Recycling Lunch and Learn August 8

If you spend time in a research or clinical laboratory on campus, you are invited to a “Lunch and Learn” focused on recycling in the lab environment. The program is set for August 8 from 12 noon to 1 p.m. in the Faculty Conference Room in the main Medical School building.

Pizza and soft drinks will be provided. The event is co-sponsored by the Growing Green team and the Department of Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S).

“We want people who work in the labs to have the latest information and to learn about what happens to material when it’s recycled,” said Suzanne Wood, program manager for sustainability and auxiliary services at UMass Chan.

In addition to Wood, speakers at the Lunch and Learn will include representatives from E.L. Harvey, the school’s waste management contractor, and Triumvirate Environmental, which provides hazardous waste disposal services for the campus, and staff from EH&S.

If you plan to attend please let us know by email at:

The program is planned as the first in a series of Lunch and Learn events focused on sustainability in the laboratory setting. Potential topics for other programs include freezer management and chemical reuse. If you would like to suggest other topics, please let us know in person on August 8 or send us a note at

Furthermore, always remember that to be acceptable in our recycling program all containers used in labs must be empty and have contained only alcohol, acetone, cleaning products, non-toxic buffers, nutrients, salts or sugars. You may not recycle any materials that contained biohazards, including recombinant DNA, hazardous chemicals or radioactive materials.