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Carpool chronicles

It means a better parking spot and lower costs, but we wondered what other benefits people enjoy when they sign-up for the carpool incentive program.

So, we emailed our carpoolers to ask them how it’s going and why they do it. Here are some excerpts from their responses:

Norma Mills

My daughter and I work on the same campus. We both have cars, so we alternate months. She does even, I do odd. It saves a ton on milage (40+ miles/day), wear and tear, and gas.

Less oil usage; less gas to burn; less damage to our cars requiring work, which decreases the use of non-recycled plastics and hazardous materials. We are only two cars, but how much of all of these items are saved with 50 cars or 100?

She is my child. We have always had a strong relationship, but she does talk to me more now. We have connected on a new level, as adults. On the way home we can vent about our days, get out any stresses, and then we go home and my husband doesn’t have to hear what he calls “work drama”.

Leah Fenner

I carpool with my co-worker who recently moved closer to me.
It’s really nice on the days that she drives to just relax after our shift
and be able to vent about the day.

We started carpooling when my coworker had a car situation
and after that day we just decided to save on gas to drive together.

Llaritza Silva

Easy and reliable.

The (other) drivers are friendly and very conversational. Pleasant all around.

(Saving on) gas and parking prices on other campuses!

Rebecca Gerber

My husband and I carpool on the days when we both need to be in the office. It allows us to keep only one car. We have plenty of conversations in the car on the way to or from work – uninterrupted. It just seemed silly to drive separately to the same location each day.

Two or more people who commute to campus together in one vehicle qualify for the carpool incentive program, which includes designated parking and a reduced parking rate. It’s open to all members of the UMass Chan Medical School and UMass Memorial community.

The total carpool parking fee for a group is paid by a single employee or student. It is up to the carpool group to decide how they share expenses.  For more information on carpooling visit:

To sign-up, visit the Parking Office on the first floor of the main Medical School building. If you have questions about this program, please email the parking office at: