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New Options for Ink and Toner Recycling

Empty ink or toner cartridges should never end up in the regular trash. There are three ways to recycle the old cartridges on campus and everyone is encouraged to use the one that's best for their situation.

1) New collection bins are available in the trash-dock areas of the main school building, the Albert Sherman Center and the Lazare Research Building.

2) Staff from Office Max, the school's office supply vendor, will collect spent cartridges when they are making deliveries. Office Max will send the old ink and toner cartridges out for reprocessing.

3) Many new cartridges come with a return mailing label and a plastic bag. So when the new cartridge is installed, the spent cartridge can be packaged on the spot and mailed out for recycling.

Please note the campus bookstore is no longer a collection point for old cartridges.