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Life @ UMass

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Additional Opportunities

  • There is an on-site fitness center at the UMass University campus, available 24/7 with free monthly membership (after insurance reimbursement).

  • Lyft or Uber transportation is available for residents who are fatigued. Travel is reimbursed from/to work.

Additional Benefit Resources

Why Worcester? 

A vibrant and historic city, and a hub for higher education and innovation, Worcester has much to offer UMass Medical School students, faculty, and staff.

Worcester, Mass., Is The New 'It' Town

Heard on Morning Edition

Over the past couple of decades, booming cities have forced people to move to smaller cities nearby. Think San Francisco and Oakland, Calif., or New York and Hoboken, N.J. That kind of boom is happening now in Boston. An hour away, New England's second-largest city, Worcester, is booming... Read More

Salary and Benefits

PGY FY21 Rounded