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Resident Biography



Edward Kim, MD, PhD

Postgraduate Year 4

Medical School

Boston University, Boston, Massachusetts


Hometown: New York, NY

Undergrad Institution: Swarthmore College

Medical School: Boston University School of Medicine

Other degrees: PhD, Boston University School of Medicine

Area of interest: Minimally invasive surgery, Cardiothoracic Surgery

Why UMASS? Incredibly supportive group of attending surgeons and residents. A high case volume at UMass allows you to be a technically excellent resident. Balanced mix of rotations in academic and community hospital settings provide an optimal experience as a general surgeon. 

Recent abstracts, posters, or publications:

Wang Y., Kim E., Wang X., Novitch B.G., Yoshikawa K., Chang L.S., Zhu Y. (2012). ERK Inhibition Rescues Defects in Fate Specification of Nf1 Deficient Neural Progenitors and Brain Abnormalities. Cell. Aug 17;150 (4):816-30.

Kim E., Wang Y., Kim S., Bornhorst M., Jecrois E.S., Anthony T.E., Wang C., Li Y.E., Guan J., Murphy G.G., Zhu Y. (2014).Transient inhibition of the ERK pathway prevents cerebellar developmental defects and improves long-term motor functions in murine models of neurofibromatosis type 1. eLife. 3:e05151. 

Moriarty W.F., Kim E., Gerber S.A., Hammers H., Alani R.M. (2016). Neuropilin-2 promotes melanoma growth and progression in vivo. Melanoma Research. Aug; 26(4):321-8. 

Kalin J.H., Wu M., Gomez A.V., Song Y., Das J., Hayward D., Adejola N., Wu M., Panova I., Chung H., Kim E., Roberts H.J., Roberts J.M., Prusevich P., Jeliazkov J.R., Roy Burman S.S., Fairall L., Milano C., Eroglu A., Proby C.M., Dinkova-Kostova A.T., Hancock W.W., Gray J.J., Bradner J.E., Valente S., Mai A., Anders N.M., Rudek M.A., Hu Y., Ryu B.,  Schwabe J.W.R., Mattevi A., Alani R.M., Cole P.A. (2018). Targeting the CoREST complex with dual histone deacetylase  and demethylase inhibitors. Nature Communications. Jan 4;9(1):53.

Kim E., Zucconi B.E., Wu M., Meyers D.J., McGee J.S., Venkatesh S., Cohen D.L., Gonzalez E.C., Ryu B., Cole P.A., Alani. M. MITF expression predicts therapeutic vulnerability to p300 inhibition in human melanoma. Cancer Research. May 15, 2019;79 (10):2649-2661.

Alani R.M., Ryu B., Kim E. (2014). Epigenetic down-regulation of MITF by a p300/CBP HAT inhibitor for melanoma therapy and biomarker. Boston University Technology Disclosure Form (Patent), Pub Status: Published.

Kim E., Adeel A., Bozorgzadeh A., Amano S., Barry C., Daly J., Devuni D., Elaba Z., Houk L., Martins P. Movahedi B., Ramanathan M., Zacharias I., Theodoropoulos N. (2020). Treatment of acute graft-versus-host disease in liver transplant recipients: A case series and review of the literature. Case Rep Transplant. 2021; 2021:8981429

Kim E., Cherng N., Kelly J. (2020) Re-do laparoscopic Heller myotomy for recurrent Achalasia after attempted per oral endoscopic myotomy (POEM). Video abstract. Society of American Gastrointestinal and Endoscopic Surgeons  (SAGES)