DaVinci S Robotic Surgery

This article originally appeared in invision, a magazine published for staff at UMass Memorial Medical Center. 

Revolutionary surgical technology has arrived at UMass Memorial - and it is in the form of a robot named daVinci. With the addition of the daVinci surgical system, surgeons now have helping hands in the operating room, providing enhanced dexterity, precision and control during minimally invasive procedures.

RoboticsLocated in our Memorial Campus ORs, the daVinci "S" is the latest system developed by Intuitive Surgical, and it is transforming and streamlining the way minimally invasive surgical procedures are performed. Surgeons operate while seated comfortably at a console station viewing a 3-D image of the surgical field. Using the master controls below the display, the surgeon's hand, wrist and finger movements are precisely translated to the surgical instruments inside the patient. The patient cart has three robotic arms that execute the surgeon's commands, while the supporting surgical team members assist in installing the proper instruments, prepare the surgical site and supervise the laparoscopic arms and tools being used.

K.C. Balaji, MD, our chief of urology and a specialist in robotic surgery, is using this innovative technology to treat prostate cancer and other urologic disorders. According to Dr. Balaji, the potential benefits of robotic surgery include a shorter hospital stay, reduced blood loss, lower complication rates, less postoperative pain, faster recovery and improved outcomes.

Dr. Balaji brings significant robotics experience, including the launch of similar programs at other hospital systems and performing more than 100 robotic surgeries to date. He plans to expand the robotics program at our Medical Center through the training of additional surgeons with this technology. "Robotics is the future of minimally invasive surgery," stated Dr. Balaji. "Its application extends beyond urology to areas such as general, gynecologic, thoracic and cardiac surgery, as well."

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