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UMass Division of Plastic Surgery

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Residents


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  • Kelli Hickle

    Kelli Hickle, MD (PGY-6)

    Hometown: Gilbert, AZ
    Undergrad: Point Loma Nazarene University
    Medical School: University of Arizona, College of Medicine- Phoenix
    Why the Woo? I appreciate that the faculty are very receptive to resident feedback regarding our rotations from year to year- it is evident that their goal is to provide us with the best experience possible. Our art class may be one of my favorite activities we do all year!
    Research Interests/projects: Pressure ulcer prevention, plastic surgery related trauma in a pediatric population.

  • Lauren Daly

    Lauren Daly, MD (PGY-6)

    Hometown: Livermore, CA
    Undergrad: University of California- Berkeley
    Medical School: University of California- Irvine
    Why the Woo? After doing a rotation here as a medical student, I knew that UMass was a good fit for me. The program offers a broad surgical and clinical experience with collegial environment and people that I enjoy spending my time with. The micro skills lab and the collaboration with the Department of Otolaryngology make it an excellent place to learn microsurgery.
    Research Interests/projects: Microsurgery, breast reconstruction, facial aesthetics.

  • Brian Jao

    Brian Jao, MD (PGY-5)

    Hometown: Arlington, MA
    Undergrad: Case Western Reserve University
    Medical School: University of Illinois
    Why the Woo?  Worcester is a great city to live! We have a strong program with plenty of operative volume. Plus, lots of hiking and mountains nearby for those who love the outdoors!
    Research Interests/projects: Hand, microsurgery​

  • Jorge Lujan-Hernandez

    Jorge Lujan-Hernandez, MD (PGY-5)

    Hometown: Hermosillo Sonora, Mexico
    Undergrad: Tecnologico de Monterrey (Mexico)
    Medical School: Tecnologico de Monterrey (Mexico)
    Why the Woo? Awesome people/faculty, strong well-rounded residency program with a lot of autonomy. Suburban area close to major cities, lake Quinsigamond!
    Research Interests/projects: Fat grafting, adipose derived stem cells, external volume expansion, wound healing, device development.

  • Alex Pong

    Alex Pong, MD (PGY-4)

    Hometown: Houston, TX
    Undergrad: Lafayette College
    Medical School: UT Health San Antonio
    Why the Woo? Fell in love with the program after my Sub-I. Very busy program with great case volume. Worcester is a great city with affordable housing and proximity to Boston.
    Research Interests/projects: Microsurgery, wound healing, hand.

  • Alannah Phelan

    Alannah Phelan, MD (PGY-4)

    Hometown: Canton, MA
    Undergrad: Dartmouth College
    Medical School: Pennsylvania State University
    Why the Woo? Great training! This program has tremendous volume, autonomy, case variety, and a truly collegial atmosphere. I rotated here and felt it was a great fit. Worcester has phenomenal people, plenty of restaurants, and a great cost of living.
    Research Interests/projects: Craniofacial, plagiocephaly, dermoid cysts, breast reconstruction, aesthetics.

  • Ovninder Johal

    Ovninder Johal, MD (PGY-3)

    Hometown: El Sobrante, CA
    Undergrad: University of California - Los Angeles
    Medical School: University of Arizona, College of Medicine - Phoenix 
    Why the Woo? Fantastic program with strong operative volume, supportive co-residents, welcoming faculty. 
    Research Interests/Projects: Medical Student and Resident Education, Hand, Aesthetics​

  • Shirley Shue

    Shirley Shue, MD (PGY-3)

    Hometown: Canton, MI
    Undergrad: University of Michigan
    Medical School: Case Western Reserve University
    Why the Woo? UMass has everything I'm looking for in a program! Strong clinical experience, high operative volume, and most importantly, very supportive faculty and co-residents. Worcester as a city has many hidden gems and there are beautiful hiking spots nearby!

    Research Interests/projects: Hand, microsurgery, aesthetics.

  • Thomas Cervantes

    Thomas Cervantes, MD (PGY-2)

    Hometown: Omaha, NE
    Undergrad/Grad:  MIT
    Medical School: Stanford
    Why the Woo?  Friendly residents/faculty, great clinical/operative experience, medical engineering research at nearby WPI/MIT. Worcester is a fun mid-size city with great cost of living and close proximity to Boston and other New England destinations.
    Research Interests/projects: Hand, craniofacial, medical devices

  • Andrea Castaldo

    Andrea Castaldo, MD (PGY-2)

    Hometown: Springfield, IL
    Undergrad: University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
    Medical School: Southern Illinois University
    Why the Woo? The people, the place, & the surgery! With high volume exposure to all subspecialties of plastic surgery & a focus on autonomy I know I'll leave this program a competent & confident surgeon. In the process I'll have learned with a kind, passionate group of residents & attendings in a fun, affordable town with great restaurants, nature, & close proximity to Boston.

    Research Interests/projects: craniofacial, facial aesthetics

  • Sneha Patel

    Sneha Patel, MD (PGY-1)

    Hometown: Midland, TX
    Undergrad: University of Texas at Austin
    Medical School: University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
    Why the Woo? Amazing training in a great location! UMass is an incredibly well rounded program with large operative volume, dedicated attendings, and supportive group of residents. Worcester is a great city to live - close to Boston but has affordable housing. With your free time, you can find incredible hiking spots, join in on a resident BBQ, or try out the diverse cuisines in the area.
    Research Interests/projects: breast reconstruction, aesthetics

  • Jennifer Grauberger

    Jennifer Grauberger, MD (PGY-1)

    Hometown: Port Townsend, WA
    Undergrad: Willamette University
    Medical school: Mayo Clinic Alix School of Medicine
    Why the Woo? Lots of reasons! I was impressed by the case volume across the breadth of plastic surgery including hand, breast, cosmetic, and craniofacial both electively and emergently. I wanted to go to a residency in which I would be challenged and given a lot of opportunities to grow and practice as a surgeon so that I will be competent and comfortable handling almost anything when I leave. I also found the people at UMass to be incredibly welcoming and easy to talk to, so it reassuring to know that I would be working with a great group of supportive people for the next six years. Finally, I love the outdoors so I was looking for a program that provided easy access to hiking and rock climbing in a beautiful setting.
    Research interests/projects: Limb salvage and reconstruction, hand, patient reported outcomes