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Activities Fair 2019

Please refer to the grid below for more information around our upcoming Activities Fair on September 3rd from 4:30-6:30pm!

Interest Group/Organization Table Assignment
A Public Health Approach to Treating Gun Violence OEE 62
Academic Health Collaborative of Worcester 57
ACEing Autism 56
American Association of Neurological Surgeons (AANS) 47
American Medical Association 1
American Medical Women's Association 36
Anesthesia Interest Group 25
Art for the Physician OEE 20
Asian Pacific American Medical Student Association 34
Association of Women Surgeons 24
Best Buddies 9
Bioethics Interest Group 26
Cardiac Health Outreach Group 55
Cardiology Interest Group 24
Care of the Patient Who Has Experienced Sexual Assault OEE 30
Caring for Diabetic and Pre-diabetic Patients OEE 31
Caring for Patients with Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities OEE 53
Case Management within the Worcester Free Clinic Coalition OEE 31
Citizen Physicians 32
Community Canvases 9
Complementary and Integrative Medicine OEE 64
Correctional Health Educators 56
Cuddle Buddies 58
Culinary Medicine OEE 19
Defining the Mind: Psychiatry OEE 51
Dept of Public Health 4
Dermatology Interest Group 45
Docapella 14
Dominical Republic Batey Health Initiative OEE 52
Emergency Medicine Interest Group 27
Exercise: The New Vital Sign? OEE 53
Family Medicine Interest Group 44
First Generation/Low-Income Student Interest Group (FLI-UMMS) 37
Geriatrics Interest Group 26
Global Health OEE 30
Global Surgery Student Association 23
Graduate School of Nursing Organization 8
Graduate Student Body Committee 7
GSBS Diversity Interest Group  38
Healer's Art 41
Health of Sexual and Gender Minorities OEE 29
Health Professionals for Human Rights 37
Hematology/Oncology Interest Group 44
Humanities Lab 15
Infectious Disease Interest Group 27
Injury Prevention Department 16
Internal Medicine Interest Group 25
Interprofessional Trainee Quality Council OEE 18
Introduction to Health Systems Sciences OEE 62
JewMass 32
Kelley Backpacks 11
Kidney Companions 55
Mass Medical Society 2
MassTERi Entrepreneurship Club (eClub) 57
Med/Peds Interest Group 23
Medical Initiatives Research and Clinical Leadership Experiences GROUP 45
Medical Interviewing in Spanish Pilot OEE 40
Medical Mandarin OEE 20
Medical Students for Choice UMass 36
MedMoth 15
Mentors for Young Mothers 58
Obstetrics and Gynecology (OB/GYN) Interest Group 42
Orthopedic Surgery Interest Group 22
Palliative Care Interest Group 22
Pediatric Interest Group 46
Peer Mentoring Group 12
Plantation 2 Peak Hiking group 39
Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Interest Group 48
Power of Presence/Palliative care and Hospice Interest Group (PHIG) 21
Principles of Primary Care OEE 41
Project Linus 59
Project Prevail 54
Psychiatry Student Interest Group 51
Public Health Interest Group 39
QMass 29
Quality Improvement OEE 18
Radiology Interest Group 65
Recognizing and Engaging Victims of Commercial Sexual Exploitation OEE 52
SAFE: Scrubs Addressing the Firearm Epidemic 38
Sidekicks OEE 40
Simulation Interest Group 50
Society for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science 33
Sports Medicine Interest Group 50
Steps For Students  11
Student Body Committee 6
Student Coalition for Advocacy, Diversity and Inclusion 35
Student Government Association (SGA) 5
Student Interest Group in Neurology 64
Student National Medical Association 34
Students as Interdisciplinary Professionals 21
Substance Use Disorder OEE 43
Substance Use Disorder Student Interest Group 43
Surgery Interest Group 49
Targeting Adolescent Substance Abuse OEE 63
UMass Chamber and Jazz Players 14
UMass Christian Fellowship 33
UMASS Ophthalmology Interest Group 46
UMass Running Club 12
UMMS Medical Humanities  16
UMMS Paths to Policy 38
UMMS Soup Club 54
Urban Health Pathway & Rural Health Pathway 17
Urology Interest Group 48
Vascular Surgery Interest Group 47
White Coats for Black Lives 35
Wilderness Medicine OEE 63
Women's Health OEE 42
Worcester District Medical Society 3
Worcester Free Clinic Coalition 10
Worcester Pipeline Collaborative/ Medical Professionals of Tomorrow (MPOT) 61
Worcester Pipeline Collaborative/ STEM Start at Worcester East Middle School 61
Worcester Pipeline Collaborative/ Young Physicians of the Future (YPOT) 60
Worcester Refugee Assistance Project 60
Worcester Technical High School Mentoring Program 59