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1. How do I make an appointment if I am sick?

If you are sick and would like to come in for a visit please call (508) 334-2818  (Remember to identify yourself as a UMASS student.) If you want to make a non-urgent appointmet (i.e. •physicals, immunizations etc.)  you can e-mail student health at

•In order to get a phyiscal through Student Health you must be an established patient here with a Provider.  It takes 4-5 weeks to get a new patient appoinment here.

2. What do I do if I just need labwork or vaccinations?

Please call Student Health (508) 334-8464 or e-mail if you have any questions regarding your health clearance, student related labs or vaccinations.

3. If I am an employee of UMASS do I still have to complete the school health clearance requirements?

Employee requirements are separate from student requirements. If you are an employee at UMASS you can request a copy of your immunizations and annual TST be faxed to Student Health. This information must be requested by the student to release the documentation of these tests. Student Health may have different requirements than employee health due to stricter standards and liability for students in clinical and away rotations.

4. What will happen if I do not complete the school health requirements?

It is mandatory to maintain SH requirements for both student and patient safety. If you do not respond to Student Health requests to maintain your clearance the director of Student Health, Dr. Phillip Fournier will be notified. You will be held from attending class/clinic depending on the circumstance. It is considered part of the student’s professional responsibility to maintain health compliance. If you have special circumstances as to why you are unable to complete our requirements you can submit your request to Student Health for review.

5. What services can I receive if I do not have the BCBS student plan and have a different PCP?

Students that are not covered under the BC/BS student health plan are encouraged to utilize their own PCP for continuity of care. However, if a student has an acute illness and cannot see their own PCP that day, we will make every effort to accommodate them in the Family Medicine Department.

Please note: If the provider that evaluates you in Family medicine recommends a referral to a specialist, lab work or other diagnostic tests such as x-rays, these tests will have to be ordered through your own PCP to avoid receiving a bill.

Any student health requirements such as vaccines or lab work that are required for health clearance are covered under the mandatory student health fee.