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1. How do I make an appointment if I am sick?

If you are sick and would like to come in for a visit please call the Family Medicine Clinic (FCM) at (508) 334-2818  (Remember to identify yourself as a UMASS student.)  If you are an established patient with the FCM and want to make a routine appointment  you can e-mail student health at

In order to get a physical through FCM, you must be an established patient.  It takes  5-6 weeks to get a new patient appointment.

2. What services can I receive if I do not have the BCBS student plan and have a different PCP?

Students that are not covered under the BC/BS student health plan are encouraged to utilize their own PCP for continuity of care. However, if a student has an acute illness and cannot see their own PCP that day, we will make every effort to accommodate them in the Family Medicine Clinic.

Please note: If the provider that evaluates you in Family Medicine recommends a referral to a specialist, lab work or other diagnostic tests such as x-rays, these tests will have to be ordered through your own PCP to avoid receiving a bill.