UMMS Student Groups/Organizations

The Student Body Committee (SBC) is the administrative arm of the student government, a liaison between the students, faculty, and administration. The SBC is responsible for allocating the student activities fund that is collected as part of our tuition, for selecting students to represent our school on various school and hospital committees, as well as promoting a sense of unity between all schools here at UMass. We collaborate with many student groups and work with the administration throughout the year on many issues from academic to fund raising. We also plan events to enrich the medical school experience, such as a bowling night or a charity auction.  Please see the Student Body Committee page for policies, funding information and forms.

A list of student groups can be found at:

Student Groups include:

A Cappella Group (UMMS)
Student Leader(s):Jacqueline Pires
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Doug Cotanche

American Medical Student Association (AMSA)
Student Leader(s): Rebecca Agnoff, Simona Nedelcu (Co-Presidents). Michael Noujaim, (PR Manager)

Faculty Advisor: Michele Pugnaire, MD

American Medical Women’s Association (AMWA)
Student Leader(s): Geneva DeGregorio, Amarilys Rojas, Kristen Richard, and Elizabeth Yuan

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Luanne Thorndyke, Dr. Sarah Cutrona
Official website:

Anesthesiology Interest Group
Student Leader(s):Danielle Trakimas and Trupti Ingle
Faculty Advisor: Jennifer, Smith, MD

Best Buddies
Student Leader(s): Justin Pespisa
Faculty Advisor: Joyce Rosenfeld, MD

Bioethics Interest Group (BIG)
Student Leader(s): Rayna Trietsch
Faculty Advisor: Brian O’Sullivan, MD, Professor of Pediatrics, Director of the Core for Bioethics Chair, Institutional Review Board

Christian Medical and Dental Association (CMDA)
Student Leader(s): JMichele Sainvil, Jorge Finke, Victoria Winslow
Faculty Advisor: Margaret Humphries, R.N

Community Mural Group, UMASSMed 
Student Leader(s): Victoria Winslow, David Liu, Jonathan Miller, Jane Malinkovich
Faculty Advisor: Thomas Guggina, MD

Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Interest Group
Student Leader(s): Taylor Young, Alec Gramann, Wei-Che Ko, Omar Hadzipasic, Bowen Qiu, Michael Kiritsy, Nick Hathaway
Faculty Advisors: Drs. Zhiping Weng and Eric Mick

Correctional Health Education Interest Group
Student Leader(s): Jasmine Khubchandani and Jennifer Fishbein
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ann Sattler

Cuddle Buddies
Student Leader: Kate Pellegriti
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Matthew Ryzewski 

Emergency Medicine Interest Group (EMIG)
Student Leader(s) Arielle Filiberti, Aimee Kobjack, Jeffrey Brady
Faculty Advisor: Katherine Boyle, MD

Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG
Student Leader(s): Victoria Winslow, Cassie Doucet
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Konstantinos Deligiannidis & Dr. Kristin Mallett

Geriatric Interest Group (GIG) 
Student Leader(s): Annie Hien, Adriana Polisano, Amanda Lewis 
Faculty Advisor: Drs. Sarah McGee, Erika Oleson & Gary Blanchard

Healing Harmonies
Student Leader(s): Amy Kwok and Zehra Omer
Faculty Advisors:  Suzana Makowski, MD and Stephen Heard, MD

Health Professionals for Human Rights
Student Leader(s):Caroline Yang, Jasmine Khubchandani
Faculty Advisor:Dr. Michael Chin

Hematology/Oncology Interest Group
Student Leader(s): Katherine Tang, Matt Spring
Faculty Advisor: James Liebmann, MD

Infectious Diseases Interest Group 
Student Leader(s): Nate Erskine, Jacob Schrum, David Balyozian, James Savage, Thanh Ngo, Hana Haver
Faculty Advisor: Drs. Sonia Chimienti & Steven Hatch

Integrative Medicine Oncology Initiative (IMOI)
Student Leader(s): Jeffrey Larnard, Mark Fusunyan
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Carl Fulwiler (Dept. of Psychiatry), Dr. Susan Zweizig (Dept. of OBGYN) 

Internal Medicine Interest Group/American College of Physicians
Student Leader(s):Omar Hadzipasic, Syeda Anum, Matthew Spring, Michael Kiritsy
Faculty Advisor: Mary Hawthorne, MD 

Islamic Society, UMass Medical
Student Leader(s): Syeda Anum
Faculty Advisor: Naheed Usmani, MD 

Jewish Medical Student Association (Jewmass)
Student Leader(s): Jennifer Fishbein
Faculty Advisor: Jeremy Golding, MD 

Kelley Backpacks Program, The 
Student Leader(s): Rachel Erdil, Yevgeniya Malinkovich, Chris Libby, Victoria Winslow, Abby Smith
Faculty Advisor: Phil Fournier, MD 

Latino Medical Student Association, LMSA
Student Leader(s): Sebastian Ramos, Israel Molina, Aurian Garcia Gonzalez, James Savage, Jorge Finke
Faculty Advisor: Maria Garcia, MD (

Medical Service Trip to the Dominican Republic
Student Leader(s): Caitlin Fogarty, Chris MacKay, Elizabeth Townsley, and Vivek Venugopal, Valerie Valant, Simone Miller, Michaela Tracy, Thanh Ngo, Alexander Boardman
Faculty Advisor: Michele Pugnaire, MD 

Medical Students for Choice (MSFC) - 
Student Leader(s): Martha Luitje
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Tara Kumaraswami

MOE (Mass Outdoor Experience)
Student Leader(s): Ben Bier, Jennifer Messina, Anne Barnard, Alex Hart 
Faculty Advisor: 

Mustard Seed
Student Leader(s): Shu Yang, Kimberly Cullen, Jonathan Eisenberg, Meghan Grimes, Charlotte DeLeo, Caitlin Lawrence, and Hung Le 
Faculty Advisor: 

OB/GYN Interest Group
Student Leader(s): Geneva DeGregorio, Christina Kunycky, Bailey McGuinness, Cecilia Bahamon
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Anne Garrison

Organization of Student Representatives (OSR)
Student Leader(s): Judy Wilber at (SOM ‘13 rep), Tom Akie at (SOM ‘14 rep), Molly Wolf at 
(SOM ’14 rep), Emily Kaditz at (SOM ’15 rep), or Emmy Smith at (SOM ’15 rep) 
Faculty Advisor: Melissa Fischer, MD, MEd 

Organized Medicine Interest Group 
Student Leader(s): Patrick Alvarado, Marguerite Youngren, Caroline Yang
Faculty Advisor: Michele Pugnaire, MD, Senior Associate Dean for Educational Affairs 

Pediatric Interest Group
Student Leader(s): Courtney Temple, Amarilys Rojas, Shakti Nochur, Naomi Malam, Mary Cavanaugh, Katherine Tang, John Sooy, Kristen Richard
Faculty Advisor:Dr. Tim Gibson

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation Interest Group
Student Leader(s): Sara-Grace Reynolds and Lauren Woo
Faculty Advisor: Faren Williams, MD 

Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery Interest Group (PSIG)
Student Leader(s): Raghu Appasani
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Janice Lalikos

Primary Care Principles (PCP) Group
Student Leader(s): Victoria Winslow, Kasey Duclos
Faculty Advisors: Barbara Weinstein, MBA, and Linda Cragin, MS

Psychiatry Interest Group
Student Leader(s): JMiriam O'Neil, John Kelly, MS1s TBD
Faculty Advisor: Yael Dvir, MD

Student Leader(s): Zachary Solomon & David Ma
Faculty Advisors: Drs. Jeroan Alison, Joyce Rosenfeld and John Trobaugh. 

Radiation Oncology Interest Group
Student Leader(s): Joseph Frey
Faculty Advisors: Dr. Thomas J. FitzGerald MD (Department Chair), Dr. Shirin Sioshansi, MD, Dr. Paul Rava MD PhD and Dr. Janaki Moni 

Radiology Interest Group
Student Leader(s):Joseph Frey, David Radcliffe
Faculty Advisor: Joseph Makris, MD 

Running Club , UMass 
Student Leader(s): Valerie Valant and Elizabeth Rosen
Faculty Advisor: Phillip Fournier, MD 

Sexual Health Interest Group
Student Leader(s): Meghan Veno, David Balyozian
Faculty Advisors: Julie Jonassen, PhD & Kate O'Dell, RN, PhD 

Seven Hills Symphony
Student Leader(s): Joanna Chaurette, President, Elizabeth Portnoy, Vice President, Walter Kim/Adonia Lee, Secretary
Faculty Advisor:

SideKicks, Umass Medical School Student Sidekicks
Student Leader(s): Emily Howe, Michaela Tracy, Mary Cavanaugh, Lev Gorfinke
Faculty Advisor: Naheed Usmani, MD

Simulation Interest Group
Student Leader(s): Daniel Warden, Jane Malinkovich, Casey Hamilton
Faculty Sponsor: Barbara Walsh, MD, Department of Pediatrics – Emergency Medicine

Student National Medical Association (SNMA)
Student Leader(s): Jessica Long, Michele Sainvil, Solange Bayard, Jasmine Khubchandan
Faculty Advisor: Maria Garcia, MD 

Students for a National Health Program SNaHP 
Student Leader(s): Ismael Rivera, Israel Molina, Miri Madsen, Jeremy Malin, Elizabeth Terhune, Caroline Yang, Jorge Finke, Ben Helfand
Faculty Advisor: Michael Ennis, MD 

Substance Abuse Interest Group 
Student Leader(s): Pat McGuire, Michael Kiritsy, Valerie Valant, Jennifer Kane, David Balyozian
Faculty Advisor: Eric Baxter,MD

Supporting Education to End Disparities (SEED)
Student Leader(s): Max Hazeltine, Daniel Warden
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Diane Blake

Surgery Interest Group
Student Leader(s): Angela Ferris, Bailey McGuinness, Jacqueline Pires
Faculty Advisor: Mitchell Cahan, MD 

Technology in Medicine Interest Group
Student Leader(s): Christopher Libby, Caroline Yang, Taylor Young, Balim Senman
Faculty Advisor: Constance Nichols, MD

Urology Interest Group
Student Leader(s): Jennifer Fantasia, Achankeng Afiata
Faculty Advisor: Jennifer Yates, MD

Student Leader(s): Jason Todd and Salim Zerriny
Faculty Advisor: Stephanie Lemon, PhD 

Worcester Free Clinics Coalition 
Co Presidents: Caroline Yang, Nitin Shrivastava
Faculty Advisor: Dr. Jay Broadhurst

Worcester Refugee Assistance Program (WRAP) Teen Mentoring Program
Student Leader(s): Courtney Temple, Jen Perez, Mark Fusunyan, Alyse Wheelock
Faculty Advisor: Michael Chin, MD, Diane Blake, MD, Meredith Walsh, NP

Worcester Techinical High School Biotechnology College Collaborative (WBCC)
Student Leader(s):Nate Erskine, Priya Ghosh, Lindsay Romo, Jackie Pires
Faculty Advisor: Rachel Gerstein, PhD

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