Request a letter of good standing for an external elective?

In order to formally request a Letter of Good Standing from the Associate Dean of Student Affairs, you will need to complete the UMMS Letter of Good Standing Request Form. Please follow the directions on the form and fill out all necessary fields. The Office of Student Affairs will complete the Dean’s Verfication Form, if needed.

In order to receive a Letter of Good Standing, students are required to annually pass (with a grade of 90) both BB Learn online courses; HIPAA and OSHA Standard Precaution Module. OSA verifies passing grades before generating a Letter of Good Standing.

If you also need the School Seal, the Registrar’s Office is able to stamp documents once you've received the Letter of Good Standing. Transcripts can be requested by completing the Document Request Form or by going to the Registrar’s Office in room S1-844.

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