Surgery * Elective Course Description

Course Name: Introduction to Ophthalmology
ourse Number: SU-486
Elective Type: B2 

Misha Faustina, MD

Contact: Sharon Furbish and cc: Jacquelyn Volke  

Department: Opthalmology
Sites Available: UMMHC-Hahnemann Campus
Months Offered: E1-M10
Number of Students / Month: 1 per month
Prerequisites: None
Elective Description:
The goal of this elective is for students to learn and gain experience in clinical ophthalmology. Students will receive hands-on individual supervision by faculty and will attend clinics, consultations, and Grand Rounds, with an opportunity to attend journal club meetings. Students will learn to identify healthy versus diseased conditions, treat a variety of common and rare eye conditions, and observe a wide range of ophthalmic techniques to assess visual structure and function as well as surgical techniques. Students will assist in case management, including performing histories and examinations and observing procedures. Students may assist in performing procedures when deemed appropriate by faculty.
Note:  B2 Students must engage in the type of clinical care carried out by the clinicians practicing in this field but may not have direct patient care as a major feature of the elective. 
Location: Hahnemann Campus, 281 Lincoln Street, Worcester, MA  01605  
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