Various Department Based

Elective List by Course

Number       Course Name                       Type Location    
XX-425    * Individually Designed Elective (Type C)  C

Internal or External Sites

XX-465    * Clinical Skills Elective  C

University Campus; Shrewsbury Campus

XX-475 Understanding Peer-Reviewed Literature C

NEJM Editorial Office in Boston, MA

XX-477    * Individually Designed Elective (Type A)  A

Internal or External Sites

XX-478    * Individually Designed Elective (Type B)  B

Internal or External Sites

XX-4008  * Advanced Projects in Anatomy C

UMMHC- University Campus

XX-4011  * Teaching in Medicine: Physcial Diagnosis C 

UMMHC- University Campus

* Denotes the possibility of a two week elective option.
   Please contact the elective coordinator listed in the course
   description for details.
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