Family Medicine & Community Health Elective Course Description

Course Name: Medical Writing and Evidence Based Medicine   
Course Number: FC-428
Elective Type:

Frank Domino, MD

Contact: Linda Hollis   

Department: Family Medicine & Community Health
Sites Available: UMMS - University Campus
Months Offered: M1-M6, M8-M12
Number of Students / Month: 20
Prerequisites: Good Academic Standing
* Offered to UMass Students Only
Elective Description:This is a very independent elective where you must attend a training program and select a project to author.  Options include writing a critical review of an recent medical publication from FPR Journal Club, completing a project you are already involved with, writing Case Report for Publication, updating patient education pages for or writing an Evidence Based Review column for the AAFP’s “Cochrane for Clinician” series, amongst others.  Your suggestions are also very welcome.  For some writing, selection of faculty member who will "co-author" may be necessary. Location for this elective is selected once you have chosen a topic and month.

Any questions??  Please email:
Note: This elective can be taken for a maximum of 8 weeks (2 months).
Location: UMMS - University Campus
Website: Family Medicine & Community Health 
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