Psychiatry * Elective Course Description

Course Name: Psychodynamic Psychiatry
Course Number: PS-456
Elective Type: B1 

David F. Flynn M.D.
Contact: Samantha Blache

Department: Psychiatry
Sites Available: Austen Riggs Center
Months Offered: M1-M5, M7-M9
Number of Students / Month: 1
Prerequisites: Completion of 3rd year Psychiatry Clerkships 
Elective Description: The Austen Riggs Center, specializing in the care of patients who have been labeled as “treatment-resistant,” has sustained a primary commitment to psychodynamic approaches which help troubled individuals to develop personal authority and to take responsibility for their lives. Intensive individual psychotherapy is integrated with pharmacologic, group, family, and milieu therapies. The elective in psychodynamic psychiatry is designed to provide interested medical students with an understanding for how developmental issues and the patient’s life historical context affect not only individual psychology, but also group life, and other aspects of psychiatric practice, such as medication responsiveness. Students will participate in the didactic experiences, and individual supervision, students will begin to learn about such issues as psychiatric boundary management, the impact of unconscious dynamics, and the development and importance of transference and countertransference,and technical issues in psychotherapy.
Note:  Students are welcome to do elective longer than one month 
Location: Austen Riggs Center, 25 Main Street, P.O. Box 962, Stockbridge, MA  01262
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