Course Name: Endocrinology   NO LONGER OFFERED
Course Number: ME-413 
Elective Type: B
Coordinator(s): Raymond Koff, M.D
Department: Medicine
Sites Available: Metro West Medical Center
Months Offered: M1-M11
Number of Students / Month: 1
Prerequisites: Completion of Medicine Clerkship
Elective Description: The student works up cases of endocrinological disorders on the wards as well as ambulatory cases under supervision of the instructor.  There is opportunity to perform and interpret thyroid RAI uptakes and scintiscans and to acquire knowledge of other diagnostic endocrinologic procedures.  There will be assigned reading ad discussion of this, as well as participation in the endocrinology specialty conferences of the house officer training program.  The student is also invited to attend medical department grand rounds and other regularly scheduled specialty conferences.

Students will see a wide variety of cases of thyroid and other endocrine disorders, mainly ambulatory (office). Opportunities for follow-up. One on one discussion with preceptor.

Note: NA
UMMHC-Metro West Medical Center, Framingham, MA
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