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Family Advisory Board

Our Goals

  • Infuse family voice into iSPARC and Transitions ACR research and knowledge-sharing activities
  • Gather insight and feedback from family members of loved ones with mental illness on our work to improve the lives of people with lived mental health experience.

Our Objectives

  • Develop and discuss topics of interest surrounding important family issues and serious mental health conditions
  • Develop and improve relevant and effective research and products for other family members in the community by creating a family-driven product in partnership with the Transitions ACR
  • Identify ways to best share our products and knowledge in the community
  • Review parts of grants and provide feedback

We ask Family Advisory Board Members (FAB) to:

  • Share their experiences with supporting loved ones
  • Provide feedback on relevant topics concerning family issues that are important to them and their family
  • Give input on current products and research grants
  • Brainstorm additional products and research topics
  • Describe what other types of information would be most useful for them and their family

When a Mental Health Crisis Hit My Family: