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Spotlight on Gina Vincent, Ph.D!

A recent article in Law and Human Behavior (2019) co-authored by Gina Vincent is featured in an October 23, 2019 APA Journals Article Spotlight®.

Date Posted: Tuesday, October 29, 2019


Many agencies use risk assessment instruments to guide decisions about pretrial detention, postconviction incarceration, and release from custody. Although some policymakers believe that these tools might reduce overincarceration and recidivism rates, others are concerned that they may exacerbate racial and ethnic disparities in placements. Jodi Viljoen and Gina Vincent, along with colleagues Melissa Jonnson, Dana Cochrane, and Lee Vargen performed a systematic review to test these assertions.

Through this systematic review of the research, they identified 22 studies that included more than a million people who were charged with or convicted of a crime. They then compiled the results by conducting a meta-analysis and a narrative review.  Their results show that after justice agencies adopt risk assessment instruments, there are small but significant declines in rates of pretrial detention and increases in postconviction release.

You can read the complete APA Journals Article Spotlight® summary here.

The full article, Impact of Risk Assessment Instruments on Rates of Pretrial Detention, Postconviction Placements, and Release: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis, can be found here.

On October 27, 2019, Jodi Viljoen and Gina Vincent also published, Prisons Are Not the Answer to Preventing Crime, in The Conversation. Read it here.