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New $2.5 million research center to support parents with disabilities!

Date Posted: Wednesday, October 05, 2016

The center will support parents with disabilities, as well as those who engage with them, through research, training and tools, including a pair of web portals that will feature resources in both English and Spanish. Projects include developing tool kits for states trying to improve their services to parents with disabilities, evaluating support structures for parents who have psychiatric disabilities, a parenting peer specialist program for deaf and hard of hearing parents and an analysis of large-scale datasets for a better understanding of the national parenting with disabilities landscape.

“We are really trying to cast the net wide,” says Monika Mitra, who is one of three co-principal investigators, along with Parish and Joanne Nicholson of Dartmouth. “What’s novel about this grant and this center is that there is not much work that has been done to create evidence-based programs that support parents with disabilities. When we started working on this grant, we realized that there isn’t anything systematic or evidence-based that you can disseminate.”

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