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Adult Criminal Justice & Diversion - Research in the Works 

a_jail_diversion_program A Jail Diversion Program for Veterans with Co-occurring Disorders: MISSION - DIRECT VET
Christopher, Fisher, Foti, Fulwiler, Grudzinskas Jr., Hartwell, Smelson, & Pinals - 2013
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Adult Criminal Justice & Diversion -  Issue Briefs 

brief_adultcriminal1_tumb The Impact of Suicide Calls on Police
Feldman, Grudzinskas, Gershenson, Clayfield & Cody - 2011
  vertical rule graphic brief_adultcriminal2_thumb Armed With an Attitude: Validation of the Mental Health Attitude Survey for Police (MHASP)
Clayfield, Fletcher & Grudzinskas - 2009



brief_adultcriminal3_thumb Community Reintegration of Persons with SMI Post Incarceration
Hartwell - 2008
  vertical rule graphic brief_adultcriminal4_thumb Drug-Related Arrests among Persons with Serious Mental Illness
Fisher, Roy-Bujnowski, Grudzinskas, Clayfield & Banks - 2007



copping_an_attitude Copping an Attitude? Assessing Police Attitudes about Persons with Mental Illness
Clayfield & Fletcher - 2006
  vertical rule graphic brief_adultcriminal5_thumb Protection of Vulnerable Populations: Research Involving Prisoners
Grudzinskas & Clayfield - 2005



brief_adultcriminal6_thumb Crisis Intervention and Risk Management Training for Police: De-Escalating Offenders in Crisis While Maintaining Public Safety
Clayfield, Grudzinskas, Richardson, Fisher & Roy-Bujnowski - 2004
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