There are no on campus housing facilities for our medical students. Most students find convenient and affordable housing in the local community. The Office of Student Affairs provides a service for accepted students to UMMS to assist in finding roommates. There is no obligation to participate. Information regarding housing accommodations and roommates is also posted on the housing board outside of the student lounge.

In late April the Office of Student Affairs will send incoming medical students a link to the roommate/housing questionnaire form. All completed 'Roommate Questionnaire Forms' will be available to UMMS students (both incoming and enrolled) who are looking for roommates. For incoming medical student copies of all received 'Roommate Questionnaires' will be available at the Summer Orientation in early June or in the Office of Student Affairs. Although we provide some resources and information on housing, students are expected to arrange their own housing.

Sites that may also assist you in your search for housing

Parking and Transportation


There is local public bus transportation available through the Worcester Regional Transit Autority (WRTA)

Students rotate at many training sites throughout Worcester and the state of Massachusetts. All students must have transportation available for travel to off campus training sites.

Parking for students is $80/academic year. The fee is $40.00 for after 5:00 p.m. only excluding garage reserved Level 1 and Clinical lot. Students may park in any unreserved parking lot. In the evenings, parking is available in reserved lots (excluding Level 1, 1st Rd Garage and Clinical lot). A map of the parking lots is available when you register for parking or can also be found on the UMMS web site.

First year students are not allowed to park on campus during the day and are encouraged to use the free shuttle service. First year student are however allowed to park on campus after 5:00 p.m. weekdays and 24 hrs. Sat, Sun, & Holidays.

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