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Criteria to be a Research Participant in our AMD Research:

One of our research aims is to compare between people who have advanced AMD to people without AMD. We accept anyone to be a Research Participant even if they have not been diagnosed with AMD, if they have a family history of AMD. We require an annual retina exam for every participant in order to find the cause of the disease.

Please contact us at 1-800-219-9157 for further information.

Visiting onsite clinic for study exam

You can see Dr. Seddon at the UMass Memorial Eye Center in order to do the retinal study exam. UMass Memorial is easily accessible if you are living in New England area. 

The clinic is located at:
UMass Memorial Medical Center - Hahnemann Campus.
281 Lincoln St., 3rd Floor, Worcester, MA 01605.
P# 508-334-4637

Participants who cannot visit onsite location

If you already have an ophthalmologist and do not want to change or come to Dr. Seddon's clinic at UMass Memorial Eye Center, you can continue seeing your doctor. We will request a copy of your eye exam record as well as your imaging data.
If you do not have an ophthalmologist yet, please contact us and we will find an ophthalmologist for you. 

Cost for Participants:

If you already have regular eye exams with your ophthalmologist, there will not be any additional costs to you. 

Joining the study with family member:

Genetic factors play a large role in AMD. In some cases, there are specific genes in a family that contribute substantially to the onset and progression of AMD. The more people in the family who participate, the better we are able to find the cause of AMD in families and individuals.