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   Celia Schiffer, PhD, elected to the Natioinal Academy of Sciences


Dr. Celia SchifferCelia Schiffer, PhD, quoted in Science

Dr. Celia SchifferCelia Schiffer named chair of Department of Biochemistry & Molecular Biotechnology

Celia SchifferCommunicating science: Institute for Drug Resistance video series elevates awareness, understanding

Schiffer Lab publicationSchiffer Lab publishes paper in Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation

ASBMBCelia Schiffer, PhD, gives William C. Rose Award lecture at 2021 ASBMB Annual Meeting

SchifferCelia Schiffer, PhD, and Nese Kurt-Yilmaz, PhD, guest edit and write editorial on drug resistance in the latest special issue of ACS Chemical Reviews


Dr. Celia SchifferSchiffer Lab collaborating with EpiVax to combine proprietary immunoinformatics approaches and structural modeling methods to design optimized antigens for inclusion in seasonal and pandemic recombinant HA vaccine candidates

SchifferSchiffer and Thompson Labs publish paper in Viruses

SchifferSchiffer Lab publishes paper in Nature Communications

SchifferCelia Schiffer, PhD, leads PDB50 organizing committee

SchifferCelia Schiffer, PhD, chosen to be panelist on NIH SARS-CoV-2 antivirals panel

SchifferSchiffer Lab awarded a new $2.4M grant by National Institute of General Medical Science

SchifferSchiffer Lab awarded $3.3M grant renewal by National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases on structural studies of APOBEC3 enzymes

SchifferSchiffer lab members aid in fight against diabetes

SchifferDrs. Schiffer and Hou work with MassBiologics as they discover antibodies that may protect against COVID-19

Florian LeidnerCongratulations Florian Leidner

Human T cell leukemia virus type 1 Celia Schiffer receives new NIH R21 award

Dr. Celia SchifferCelia Schiffer named 2020 ELAM Leadership for Women in Medicine fellow

Gordon Lockbaum manuscript imageSchiffer Lab’s Gordon Lockbaum publishes manuscript

Schiffer LabSchiffer Lab publishes paper in American Society for Microbiology’s mBio

Schiffer and ThompsonTargeting SARS-CoV-2 with robust antiviral protease inhibitors

Shurong HouCongratulations Shurong Hou

Gordon LockbaumCongratulations Gordon Lockbaum

Anne JecroisBMP’s Anne Jecrois assists with hand sanitizer project for local hospitals

publicationTwo Recent Publications in the Schiffer Lab


Dr. Celia SchifferCelia Schiffer weighs in on CDC report on antibiotic-resistant germs

Ashley Matthew Former Schiffer Lab member, Ashley Matthew, inducted into Alpha Omega Alpha Medical Honor Society

Celia Schiffer Celia A. Schiffer, PhD, invested as Gladys Smith Martin Chair in Oncology

Dr. Celia Schiffer Schiffer Lab papers published in ACS journals

Zephyr Summer research program exposes students to a new realm of lab experience

Dr. Celia SchifferCelia Schiffer honored with William C. Rose Award

Ashley Matthew Former Schiffer Lab member Ashley Matthew receives HOPE scholarship from Biomedical Science Careers Program

Zephyr Jacqueto Zephyr granted F31 award

Loring Heather Loring wins travel award

Lockbaum Lockbaum publishes paper in ACS Infectious Diseases

Hou Hou publishes paper in Journal of Chemical Theory and Computation


Mutations Schiffer and Bolon Labs members contribute to paper published in Journal of Virology

Ashley Matthew Former Schiffer Lab member, Ashley Matthew, paper published in Structure

Jecrois Anne Jecrois awarded NIH F31 Fellowship

Loring Heather Loring awarded NIH F31 Fellowship

Ashley Matthew Ashley Matthew Defended PhD Thesis

KurtYilmaz Nese Kurt Yilmaz awarded 2018 Educational Recognition Award for outstanding research mentoring and commitment to student professional advancement.

Awards Educational Recognition Awards

Ashley Matthew Ashley Matthew top poster awardee at 2018 New England Science Symposium

Schiffer award Celia Schiffer Shared 2018 Chancellor's Award for Advancing Institutional Excellence in Diversity

Silvas Tania Silvas Defended PhD Thesis


KurtYilmaz Nese Kurt Yilmaz promoted to Associate Professor

Dr. Celia Schiffer Celia Schiffer joins collaboration to develop avian flu vaccine

Dr. Celia SchifferSBGrid Consortium, "Resistance is Futile", Feature profile of Dr. Celia Schiffer's work


MSMR Massachusetts Society for Medical Research Honors Celia Schiffer - “We honor her for her research and for her teaching, mentorship, and leadership in bringing underrepresented minorities and women into science.” 

Dr. Celia SchifferCelia Schiffer honored by for mentoring in STEM

Schiffer cryoem Massachusetts Facility for High-Resolution Cryo-Electron Microscopy opening at UMass Chan 

Schiffer mentoring Celia Schiffer Awarded Inaugural Award for Excellence in Mentoring

Silvas Tania Silvas awarded NIH F31

Ashley Matthew Ashley Matthew awarded NIH F31


Celia Schiffer Celia Schiffer elected to the American Academy of Microbiology


Ashley Matthew Ashley Matthew highlighted by NIH Director, Dr. Francis Collins, Blog

cryoem award Massachusetts Life Sciences Center announces $5M award to UMass Chan for Cryo-Electron Microscope

Schiffer With $2.5M NIH grant renewal, UMass Chan to expand research into hepatitis C drug resistance - Schiffer building on seminal protease inhibitor discoveries to create novel drug design strategies


Schiffer New initiative to build culture of drug development entrepreneurship

Schiffer Combatting Drug Resistance:  Lessons from Viruses: Influenza, HIV and HCV

Schiffer NIH awards Schiffer $7.9 million to attack drug resistance

Schiffer Debra Ragland awarded NIH F31  


Schiffer Interview with Celia Schiffer

Djade Djade Soumana awarded NIH grant and HOPE Scholarship

Keith Romano Keith Romano winning Chancellor’s Best Thesis Award


Schiffer Expert’s Corner: Celia Schiffer, PhD, on drug resistance (Video)


Keith Romano Keith Romano, 2011 Herbert Tabor Young Investigator (Video 1)   

Schiffer Celia Schiffer Director of UMass Chan CFAR


Women Faculty Award Celia Schiffer wins Outstanding Women Mentoring Faculty Award, UMass Chan Medical School


Schiffer Celia Schiffer receives $8.5M grant award to fight AIDS (Additional Link 1) (Additional Link 2)


Schiffer Celia Schiffer wins Outstanding Women in Science and Health Achievements Award, UMass Chan Medical School  


schiffer Finding an academic job from industry – Celia Schiffer


schiffer Celia Schiffer awarded NIH P01 “Targeting ensembles of drug- resistant HIV proteases” (page 12)


Schiffer Celia Schiffer Joins the faculty at UMass Chan (page 8)