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Statement of Lab Values

My core values are compassion, kindness, mutual respect, and curiosity. These values fuel my passion to learn new things and communicate what I have learned with others. I believe we learn best when share openly with others who have expertise and experience outside of our own. As such, I welcome collaboration and I love to brainstorm, finding new and innovative ways to achieve our goals quickly and efficiently. Progress requires teamwork, and for a team to be effective it must include diverse perspectives, experience, and abilities. An effective leader knows how to build a team, inspire them to remain focused on a shared vision, and provide opportunities for all members to contribute. I aspire to be an effective leader and mentor to all who work in my lab.

What you can expect from me:

  • I will meet with you at least once per week to help troubleshoot problems and evaluate progress towards your goals. I will make myself available more frequently as desired if you feel it will help.
  • I will provide you with space to design your experiments, interpret your data, and come up with future plans. I will aid and assist when requested and provide feedback on the outcomes.
  • I will treat you with respect. Members of my lab have a common mission, and that is to learn new things. I will keep feedback constructive, and I will provide a calm, rational soundboard to help solve problems and deal with conflicts. I will respect your private life and encourage you to maintain a healthy work-life balance.
  • I will work with you to help you achieve your career goals.

What I expect from you:

  • You must abide by all University, Local, State, and Federal regulations. Please complete all training required by the University and do any annual refresher training that is required in a timely manner.
  • Please be a good lab citizen. Treat other lab members as you would like to be treated. Keep common areas clean and pick up after yourselves. Make sure to log out of shared computers when you’re finished using them so that others may access them. Use sign in sheets and calendars to schedule shared equipment.
  • You must maintain an up-to-date laboratory notebook that describes your experiments and their outcome, organized by date. The notebooks provide an essential record of work performed in the lab and are extremely useful to researchers who follow up on your research after you finish in the lab.
  • All raw and processed data (gels, microscope images, excel spreadsheets, IGOR files, etc) must be backed up. The lab provides space on a remote drive (R-drive: Galway) for this purpose. Larger data sets can be backed up to the departmental petabyte storage drive.

I request that you work normal business hours unless we make a prior arrangement to the contrary.  

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