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Meet our lab alumni

Mennatallah (Menna) Albarqi, Ph.D.
Graduate Student, 2016-2021, Post-doctoral fellow with Stephen Artandi at Stanford

Katianna Antkowiak
Research Associate, 2016-2021, Research Associate at Velocity Sciences

Carina Clingman, Ph.D.
Graduate Student, 2009-2014, Business Owner / Entrepreneur, Recruitomics.

Brian Farley, Ph.D.
Graduate Student, 2006-2012, Completed an NIH Postdoctoral Fellowship with Kathy Collins, UC Berkeley. Currently the Director of Scientific Computing at Twist Bioscience.

Ebru Kaymak, Ph.D.
Graduate Student, 2009-2016, Currently a post-doc with Ollie Rando at UMass Chan Medical School.

Suparna Laha, Ph.D.
Graduate Student, 2015, Currently a faculty member at Yenepoya University, Mangalore, India.

Lisa McCoig
Research Associate, 2005-2008, Lisa left my lab to become a graduate student at UNC Chapel Hill. She left graduate school before finishing due to health reasons. She worked as a research technician at Duke before she ultimately succumbed to Crohn’s disease. We miss her dearly.

John Pagano, Ph.D.
Graduate Student, 2006-2010, Completed an ACS Postdoctoral Fellowship with John Lis, Cornell University. Currently a Senior Manager of Biologics Clinical External Manufacturing at Bristol Myers Squibb

Cara Weismann, Ph.D.
Postdoc, 2014-2016, Completed a AAAS-sponsored science policy fellowship at the NIH. Currently the Director of the Program of Excellence in MPS Diseases, Orphan Disease Center, Gene Therapy Program, University of Pennsylvania

Ruth Zearfoss, Ph.D.
Senior Research Scientist, 2006-2014, Currently the Editor-In-Chief at Cell Reports Methods.

Former Interns

William Flaherty: Undergraduate Intern, WPI, MQP Research, 2005–2006
David Moquin: Undergraduate Intern, WPI, MQP Research, 2006-2007
Robert Stefani: Undergraduate Intern, Brown University, 2008
Kingsley Essien: Undergraduate Intern, Providence College, 2007-2010
Samantha Hay: Undergraduate Intern / Research Technician, Syracuse University, 2010-2012
Daniel Hartman: Undergraduate Intern, WPI, MQP Research, 2010-2011
Emily Johnson: Undergraduate Intern, WPI, MQP Research, Summer 2011-2013
Charlene Pizzementi: Undergraduate Intern, WPI, 2011-2012
Alyssa Donohue: Undergraduate Intern, WPI, MQP research, 2013-2014
Cedric Lawrenz: Undergraduate Intern, U. Minnesota, Summer 2014
Cole Robert: High School Intern, Doherty, Worcester, MA, Summer 2014
Marykate Duska: Undergraduate Intern, Hampshire College, 2015
Rachel Prescott: Undergraduate Intern, WPI, MQP Research, 2015-2016
Kevin Fortier: Undergraduate Intern, Framingham State, 2015-2016
Jenna Libera: Undergraduate Intern, Clark University, 2016-2017
Michelle Heeney:  Undergraduate Intern, UMass Amherst, 2016-2017
Zahra Kahzal:  Undergraduate Intren, WPI, MQP Research, 2016-2017
Rick Metters:  Undergraduate Intern, WPI, Summer 2017
Julia Hunt:  Undergraduate Intern, UNH, Summer 2018
Hannah Snell:  Undergraduate Intern, Hampshire College, Summer 2018
Marleen Nunez: Worcester Academy of Arts and Sciences 2018
Cato Prince: BS/MS Student, UMass Amherst, 2018
Alejandra Rivera-Nieves: Undergraduate Intern, Ana G. Mendez University, 2019
Safiya Nafak: High School Intern, Worcester Academy of Arts and Sciences 2019
Joshua Williams: Undergraduate Intern, East Carolina University, 2021
Nana Komandu Agyemang Duah: Undergraduate Intern, Quinsigamond CC, 2022
Maryam Al-Hakeem: Undergraduate Intern, Quinsigamond CC, 2022
Sarah Carter: Undergraduate Intern, Holy Cross, 2023
Marla Zacks: High School Intern, Shrewsbury High, 2023
Grace Sarsfeld: High School Intern, Worcester Tech, 2024
Desiree Coughlin: High School Intern, Worcester Tech, 2024