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Graduate Student Resources

Whether you are getting ready to defend your thesis or just joined a lab, here are some helpful resources for your graduate career! 

Writing tips

The 10 simple rules for structuring your papers; 

Transition your workflow of writing a paper to plain text;

Writing your abstract, according to Nature;

Whether writing your 1st or 10th paper, these tips are helpful to all writers; 

Tips from MIT on writing everything from CVs to discussion sections; 


Data analytics

Graduate Student Resources RTI

 click here to download R, or here to download R Studio 

A guide for using R in Data Science - add statistics to your research;

How to visualize data in R plain text; 

Keeping your codes in order using Git and GitHub; 

See these other software programs for integrating your writing process: 

MiKTeX - open source plain text editor with a variety of add-ons

Pandoc - universal document converter (eg: PDF to Word Doc) 

Git - open source version control system, easily manage drafts and edits


What to do with my Ph.D?

Graduate Student Resources RTI

The Professor Is In - advice for moving your Ph.D to a job;

A highly recommended book for starting your academic career; 

What to do with your Ph.D;

Valuable life advice from a former biologist;

Science Magazine offers a great tool for planning your path after defending;


Job Searching

Getting ready to defend? Take a look at these helpful links for postdoc and industry opportunities;

Nervous about that upcoming interview? Here are some helpful tips for making it count;

 Job titles can be confusing, this article aims to clear the air;

Starting a new lab? Have you been a PI for years? Whichever your career experience, Nature has recommended some useful insights for effective lab management;



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