Goals and Objectives

The goal of the Regional Science Resource Center is to support, encourage and provide expertise and materials to raise achievement levels of all students in science, mathematics and technology through student-centered, inquiry-based learning. We leverage the expertise and resources of the Medical School to help us accomplish these goals.

Our objectives to achieve these goals are to:

  • Offer math and science professional development in content, standards-based instruction, assessment and leadership.

  • Provide technical assistance to districts in developing Mathematics Learning Communities, teacher leadership, curriculum planning and implementation

  • Network districts and their teachers to solve common challenges

  • Provide a fully equipped state-of-the-art science laboratory for teacher and student use

  • Increase the capacity of school systems to sustain high quality science, mathematics and technology programs

  • Loan standards-based science, mathematics and technology curricular materials for preview and evaluation

  • Work with community and parent groups to increase the access of underrepresented groups to science, mathematics, and technology

  • Partner with schools of education to elevate the teacher training experience

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