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The 19th annual Women in Science Conference sponsored by the Regional Science Resource Center at the University of Massachusetts Medical School and the EcoTarium will be held on Saturday, March 21, 2015, from 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM. The goal of the conference is to expose 100 Worcester middle school young women to careers in science and engineering and to begin conversations with local women who use science in their professions. 

The day begins at the Ecotarium with ten 45-minute concurrent interactive workshops led by the following women professionals: engineer, physician, research scientist, healthcare professional, and veterinarian, among others. Through demonstrations and group activities, the interactive workshops showed the students how science is used in the workplace. The presenters explain different entry levels to their careers and provide tips on courses of study and ways to prepare and train for their professions. The students rotate to different workshops so that each student is able to attend 3 of 10 possible workshops.

At the conclusion of the workshop session, the students are transported to the University of Massachusetts Medical School for a luncheon. The luncheon provides an opportunity for students and presenters to continue discussions in a more informal setting. Following lunch, the students listen to a keynote speech and participate in a question and answer period with the keynote speaker.

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For further details, contact Karin Lebeau, Interim Director, Regional Science Resource Center, UMMS at (508) 856-1529 or Karin.Lebeau@umassmed.edu

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