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The Regional Science Resource Center (RSRC) currently serves 133 districts across the Commonwealth. While 38% of the districts served are in Central Massachusetts, another 34% of districts served are within the 495 Beltway. The remaining 28% of districts are scattered North, South and West of that geographic area. 

Of the four categories of services: Professional Networks (AP Biology, AP Chemistry, AP Calculus, High School Chemistry, Curriculum Coordinators, and STEM Pipeline), Professional Development, Math and Science Curriculum Library and Student Laboratory, 35% of the districts make use of at least three of the four services. Only 21% of the districts make use of only one service and those districts are the furthest distance from the Center. 

The most popular offering at the RSRC, Professional Networks, includes 68% of the districts involved with the Center’s work. Professional Development opportunities include 54% of the participating districts. Library use includes 51% of the districts and the use of the Laboratory includes 13% of the districts. 

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