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This link was created as a resource for mathematics teachers across all grades. Our goal is to provide support in learning mathematics for all students - general education, special education, English language learners, and gifted & talented. 

In 1998, teachers in Leominster, MA Public Schools began integrating the use of the Rule of Four and Multiple Representations—numerical, graphical, symbolic, and verbal—into our math classes. Since that time, we’ve created and shared them with teachers from across Massachusetts through professional development offered through The Regional Science Resource Center at the University of Massachusetts Medical School (Curriculum Coordinators’ Network, Advanced Placement Calculus Network), the Massachusetts’ Department of Elementary and Secondary Education’s Increasing Accessibility to Algebra and Geometry Summer Institutes and Summer Courses, and at local, regional & national levels through the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics conferences. 

Once you have downloaded the materials following the directions below, you will find two folders: CALCULUS and ELEM-PRECALCULUS

In each of these folders, we have organized the math materials in sub-folders: 
Instructional Strategies and Teacher Info
You will find a wide variety of graphic organizers (G.O.), warm-up materials, math labs and more in multiple formats: Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, PDF, and jpeg pictures. The files can be opened and printed as is or sized, copied, and pasted into documents as needed.



Math Materials (This is a zip file. You will be prompted to "open" or "save" this file. For your convenience, please save to your desktop and open once it has been downloaded.)  **Materials updated as of February 2013


For information about using these materials, contact Carol or Wendy cleaves:

For information about professional development opportunities involving these materials, contact Wendy Cleaves:

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