Curriculum Resource Library

The K-12 Mathematics, Science and Technology Curriculum Resource Library was developed and initially funded through the Commonwealth of Massachusetts PALMS project, the IMPACT project from CESAME at Northeastern University, and the University of Massachusetts Medical School. It is currently maintained by the University of Massachusetts Medical School and the Regional Science Resource Center.

The goal of the Curriculum Resource Library is to promote and help districts implement standards-based curricula that fulfills the objectives outlined in the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks.

Standards-based curriculum, as defined by the Department of Education in Massachusetts, is a set of instructional materials and teaching practices that enable all students the access and opportunity to know and be able to do, to understand and be able to apply the essential knowledge and skills identified in the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks. Key elements for implementing standards-based materials and programs include:

  • A coherent pre-K -12 curriculum plan.
  • Effective instructional practices linking the learning standards with assessment in order to improve student achievement.
  • A sustained professional development plan based on student achievement data.

The Curriculum Resource Library, located on the UMASS Medical School - Worcester Foundation campus in the Stoddard Building, has standards-based curriculum materials, professional development books, and parent information resources that are available for loan.

In order to borrow materials from the Curriculum Resource Library, you must call for an appointment. During your appointment you may spend time perusing the library yourself or request some guidance on the specific topic for which you are searching. Please state your needs at the time you are setting up an appointment.


Please feel free to contact Wendy Pelletier Cleaves at (508) 856-5348 with any questions you may have.

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