Grant Transfers

Grant Transfers

This web page is intended to provide guidance to researchers transferring grants to the UMass Medical School (UMMS) and to UMMS researchers leaving the institution that require guidance on how to address/transition their existing grants. All researchers requiring grant transfer assistance are requested to contact their departmental administrator to initiate any transfer processes. Please refer to the procedure documents below, as well as the form requirements, checklist and notification form that follow each respective category.

For Grant Transfers to UMMS (Incoming):

Procedure for Incoming Grant Transfers from Another Institution
UMMS Incoming PI - Award Transfer Checklist
UMMS Incoming PI - NIH Forms and Transfer Requirements
UMMS Incoming Fellow - NIH Fellowship Forms and Award Transfer Requirements

For Grant Transfers from UMMS (Outgoing):

Procedure for Grant Relinquishments/Transfers from UMMS
UMMS Departing PI - Award Transfer Notification
Should you have any questions regarding grant-transfer guidance, please contact Research Funding Services at 508-856-2119 or via email at