Electronic Research Administration

Electronic Submission of Grant Applications

Investigators MUST have a Commons account in order to submit an NIH grant electronically. Please contact Research Funding to obtain a Commons account if you do not already have one. Once registered, you can access the Commons to get information on your submitted applications. The account creation and validation process can take up to 3 days so please do not wait until the last minute or you may miss a deadline.

Cayuse Login

Cayuse 424 is our system-to-system vendor for most electronic applications to the federal agencies via Grants.gov. Please contact Research Funding Services for Cayuse account and formal training information. Click the image above to log in.

Electronic Progress Reports (RPPRs) for NIH grants are developed in the eRA Commons by the PI and/or departmental PI delegate (i.e., administrative support); When complete and routed, RFS will submit to the NIH.

Other Federal Sponsor Sites

UMMS is already registered in the CCR/SAM as an authorized organization to submit proposals in Grants.gov. Please do not attempt to register the institution again or try to obtain a new DUNS number for grant application purposes. You must use the UMMS DUNS [603847393] in order to apply for a grant via Grants.gov.

RFS must receive the complete electronic grant application package at least 2 working days prior to the deadline if RFS is the final submitter.   If you would like RFS to submit your application for you, please email  Diego Vazquez or Janice LagacĂ© for submission.

The following federal sponsors require RFS to be the submitter as well:

NSF: Either NSF FastLane (https://www.fastlane.nsf.gov/fastlane.jsp) or Grants.gov (Cayuse) - Check your Program Solicitation under "Proposal Preparation and Submission Instructions"
DOD: Letters of Intent:  https://cdmrp.org/ Applications via: Cayuse
HRSA: Applications via: Grants.gov
Some HRSA applications require finalization via eHandbook:  https://grants.hrsa.gov/webexternal/Login.asp
DoEd: Grants.gov (Cayuse); NIDRR applications require creation by RFS - please contact Research Funding Services

The required elements and FIVE business days for review and approval of administrative components have not changed for electronic submission.