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UMass Chan Policy for Foreign Project Registration

Fill out the FPR Form for all projects with international component(s). 

The Foreign Project Registration form was created to anticipate and address potential administrative, financial and/or legal issues that may arise in the development and implementation of foreign projects. Investigators are asked to provide details regarding the nature of their project so that UMass Chan can advise and better assist investigators throughout the lifespan of the foreign project.

Who should complete the form:

All UMass Chan faculty, staff and trainees initiating or renewing a project with an international component.

International components may include but are not limited to:

  • Hiring of foreign nationals
  • Sending UMass Chan faculty, staff and trainees to a foreign country
  • Traveling to a international destination
  • Research with foreign partner or research in a foreign country
  • Funding from foreign institutions or in non-US currency
  • Opening a foreign bank account, purchasing equipment, lease or rent vehicle in a foreign country, etc.

When to complete the form:

The foreign project registration form should be completed as soon as planning for any projects with an international component begins and details are sufficiently known.

This includes:

  • When planning any initiative that involves international travel
  • Import/export of items and information
  • When applying for a grant with an international component
  • When initiating collaborations with foreign organizations, institutions or persons
  • When renewing a project or grant with an international component
  • When significant changes to an existing international project are made

The form MUST be completed a minimum of 30 days before the project start date for internally funded projects. For sponsored projects, the Foreign Project Registration form must be completed as soon as the Investigator becomes aware that the project will be funded, and no later than 30 days before the project start date. All UMass Chan foreign projects must be registered and receive approval prior to disbursement of funds.

Procedure for form submission:

1.Obtain departmental support for the project.

2. Access the FPR form online at the OSP Forms page.

3. Email the completed form and any accompanying documents to Supporting documents should include:

  • Export Control Checklist (as required)
  • Document explaining Scope of Work
  • Document explaining Budget Justification

4. The reviewer may follow up to discuss any potential issues surrounding a foreign project (e.g., legal, human resources, finance and accounting, export control and/or international safety and security issues.

5. Should any project issues change significantly, please keep us apprised.