Center Members

DR matt gounis- Department of Radiology



 Matt Gounis, PhD, Associate Professor, Director of NECStR




Dr Ajay Wakhloo- Department of Radiology  


 Ajay Wakhloo, MD, PhD,  Professor





Dr Ajit Puri- Department of Radiology



 Ajit Puri, MD, Assistant Professor




Other Center Members Include:

  • Juyu (Ruby) Chueh, PhD, Instructor, Bioengineering
  • Shaokuan Zheng, PhD, Instructor, MRI Physics
  • Kajo van der Marel, PhD, Post-doctoral, Interventional Imaging
  • Miklos Marosfoi, MD, Post-doctoral Fellow, Image-Guided Intervention
  • Francesco Massari, MD, PhD, INR Fellow
  • Diego Lozano, MD INR Fellow
  • Erin Langan, Lab Manager
  • Olivia Brooks, Undergraduate Intern
  • Chris Brooks, NP, Clinical Research
  • Mary Perras, NP, Clinical Research
  • Mary Howk, MS, Research Coordinator
  • Charlene Franz, BS, Research Coordinator
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